A media story

Some time ago I posted a comparison of how a bank operated with how an EDM process might work (A banking story). Thanks to a friend I have another example is this genre - this time from the news media....

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A banking story

Old Way: A colleague of mine gave me this story regarding dealing with a large US bank. The story has a number of points where things could be different, so bear with me. He had recently sold his house and,...

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JavaOne - rules, AJAX and more

I was interviewed at JavaOne by Sys-Con TV and here's the recording. Some fun facts about Fair Isaac and some discussion of business rules, AJAX and other stuff. Paul Perrone, of Perrone Robotics, was also interviewed and, as he talks...

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Claims management - processing faster and detecting fraud with EDM

Why is claims management a perfect fit for EDM? Well, it is key for customers and agents to have a positive experience when first providing details of a claim as this sets the tone for the whole interaction. This tends...

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SOA, Portals and Rules

I was recently part of a team that gave a presentation on how Portals can be an "on-ramp" to SOA with Gene Phifer of Gartner, Sun and some Sun partners. This was an interesting overview of how to get started...

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Business rules and intelligent user interfaces

I have not blogged much about SmartForms for Blaze Advisor, the extension to the base product that allows for the development of rules-driven user interfaces that take advantage of AJAX and X-Forms so I thought I would do so today....

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Robust Web Apps with rules-driven conversations

This article in ComputerWorld - No Pause to Refresh: More Robust Web Apps - Heather Havenstein talks about the new world of richer web applications. She says: The new tools essentially eliminate the need to refresh a Web page every...

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State of Ajax: Progress, Challenges, and Implications for SOAs

Business rules complement Ajax by allowing for business users to maintain the rules about their data and by allowing developers to share them across client and server.

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The Changing User Interface

AJAX is a great technology combination for dynamic user interfaces on the web - but only if you can manage the business rules used in the forms correctly. SmartForms let's you do that.

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