Helping Banks Manage Risk, in Europe and Everywhere Else

Unless you’ve been off the grid for most of the year, you know that solvency and credit risk are dominating concerns for European banks and governments these days. Predictive models have long been vital tools for driving safe, effective lending...

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How Banks are Taking Big Data Lessons from Retailers

The news is filled with stories about how companies are beginning to harness the masses of data swirling around us, thanks to the advent of social media and a wealth of other transactional data. The key challenge is to sift...

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New technique for reject inference enables better, easier reconstruction

Earlier this week my colleagues presented a webinar on dual score reject inference, which was very well attended and sparked several great questions. The central idea is to inject the historical pattern of reasonable accept and reject decisions, along with...

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CEP a Predictive Modeling facility? Myth!

-- Posted by Carole-Ann Despite my efforts to simplify the Decision Management picture, especially as it relates to CEP, BRMS and BPM, it seems that the CEP buzzword turned into an omnipotent ruler of the Decision Management world, at least...

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Predictive Analytics are hot!

-- Posted by Carole-Ann We just hosted an introductory webinar on Predictive Analytics and I was amazed at the turn out. BRMS practitioners are now getting interested in mass... They are engaging with FICO into education, discussions, etc. Why? I...

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Live from InterACT - Mark Greene's Keynote

(Posted by guest blogger, James Taylor) As Mark is the CEO of Fair Isaac I thought I would blog this one over on this blog rather than on the Smart (enough) Systems blog where the rest are going to be....

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Call for Presentations - the new EDM Summit

How are you integrating business rules and analytics? How are you adding intelligence to your business processes? How are you putting analytics to work in your operational systems? How, in other words, are you using Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) to...

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Decision Management at the Heart of Future Enterprise Applications, so Says Forrester Research

Respected technology prognosticators John Rymer and Connie Moore of Forrester Research just published a new paper titled, “The Dynamic Business Application Imperative” (September 24, 2007, For CIOs). Rymer and Moore envision a new generation of enterprise application that some IT organizations today are cobbling together in order to meet ever changing business, technical and marketplace requirements.

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The Three Dimensions of Intelligent Business Processes

Today I read a September 21 Gartner Research note by Gareth Herschel titled, “The Role of Analytics in Adding Value to Business Processes.” As someone expert in analytics more so than Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rules Management (BRMS), Gareth raises some important points to remember when discussing the role of analytics in business processes.

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Book Review: IT Risk

I was lucky enough to get a pre-release copy of IT Risk: Turning Business Threats into Competitive Advantage by George Westerman and Richard Hunter. The book approaches IT risk not as a technical issue but as a business and management...

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