Using EDM to improve marketing operations

I have been thinking about Marketing Operations (nicely described by Gary Katz here) and I saw a post on Why is marketing operations so important? on Unica's blog. It contained the great phrase: "What are the reasons for the growing...

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Using EDM to meet CRM challenges and use what you know about your customers

Two articles in CIO magazine caught my eye this week. Firstly, Meridith Levinson wrote Getting to Know Them, an article about some award-winning systems. This was a great article and a couple of things occurred to me as I read...

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Yahoo's senior marketer tells you to use EDM (kinda)

I was reading this interesting McKinsey report - Confronting proliferation ... in online media: An interview with Yahoo!’s senior marketer. In this report Cammie Dunaway, CMO for Yahoo, talks about how Yahoo is coping with the explosion of choices and...

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Shameless Commerce: Calling the Sub-Continent

EDM software market is estimated to be about $ 20 billion worldwide and growing at 10-12 percent annually.

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Live from EBRC - Applying business rules to gain competitive advantage

Blogging live from EBRC again - Applying Business Rules to Gain Competitive Advantage. A multi-channel retail case study by Qusai Sarraf, CEO of IVIS Group. Presentation is about Tesco. Qusai emphasized that competitive advantage is all about agility today -...

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Customer service, websites and decision automation

I got a great example today of the value of automating decisions in a flexible way. A major retailer, that I know to be a user of business rules, had finally got some Nintendo Wiis in stock. Like many of...

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Shameless commerce: Smart (Enough) Systems

As some of you know by now I have been working, with Neil Raden, on a new book. As the files shipped to the printers yesterday, I thought I would take the opportunity to shamelessly plug the book here on...

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EDM and Customer Centricity

Suresh Vittal over at Forrester wrote a nice little piece this week - "Eight Marketing Technologies That Enable Customer Centricity" (subscription or purchase required). He does a nice job of discussing some of the challenges and identifying technology both for...

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Not just cross-channel, customer-centric

I saw this interesting Q&A today over on Intelligent Enterprise - Crossing Channels: Q&A With Best Buy's Matt Smith. The Q&A covered how Best Buy is moving into cross-channel analysis and how it hopes to use this as the basis...

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EDM, connected decisions and life-cycle marketing

Lisa Bradner of Forrester (who is part of Forrester's marketing blog team) wrote Realizing The Life-Cycle Marketing Vision back in March but Ian pointed it out to me last week. The summary of the document says: "In simple terms, life-cycle...

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