Use Cases, UML Statecharts and business rules

Interesting post over on the Tyner Blain blog Use Case vs. UML Statechart - Business Rules. This post does a good job of differentiating between use cases and UML statecharts with a view to finding the business rules. Of course,...

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1 MORE thing CIOs should know about requirements

I saw this article on CIO magazine today - Five Things CIOs Should Know About Software Requirements. It seems to me that there is one more thing (at least) that they need to know about requirements: Business rules are NOT...

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Does everyone even WANT to write software?

Like many of you, I suspect, I found Awaiting the Day When Everyone Writes Software (you may need to register) in the New York Times interesting. While I hate to criticize someone like Charles Simonyi (who has brought to market...

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Nice presentation on rules and requirements

BPM Institute has a nice Case Study: Business Rules and Requirements Management at the IRS about the IRS' piloting of a new methodology for analyzing, documenting, and managing business rules in conjunction with requirements for system design. Has some good...

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Using business rules to write maintainable code

Reddit pointed me to this post on "Writing Maintainable Code" by Jeremy D. Miller over on It's a nice article and I look forward to reading the rest of his posts on this topic.There's lots of good stuff but...

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The problem with programmers

Firstly let me say that not only are some of my best friends programmers but that I have been a programmer, development manager, product manager, architect and methodology author in my career so please don't consider this some marketing guy...

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Gathering requirements, and rules

I saw this post on gathering requirements by Scott Sehlhorst today. Now I don't think requirements are the same as business rules (particularly given the nature of business rules is to change) and that one should keep them separate and...

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Dig yourself out of the requirements tarpit

I saw this piece by Carey Schwaber of Forrester today - The Root Of The Problem: Poor Requirements. My regular readers will know that I have strong opinions about requirements, so much so that I have a whole section on...

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Now you can use agile methods and business rules together

I wrote a little article on the use of business rules in the context of agile methods to deliver true business agility for InfoQ recently - Agile Business Rules. Deborah Hartmann also wrote a nice introduction When and How to...

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Top posts on business rules

I was doing some analysis the other day and identified your favorite posts and I thought it would be fun to show the list with some comments. The first list is of ones related to business rules. Here goes: Agile...

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