The Three Dimensions of Intelligent Business Processes

Today I read a September 21 Gartner Research note by Gareth Herschel titled, “The Role of Analytics in Adding Value to Business Processes.” As someone expert in analytics more so than Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rules Management (BRMS), Gareth raises some important points to remember when discussing the role of analytics in business processes.

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Using EDM to make call centers work better

I saw this interesting report in the McKinsey Quarterly - Anticipating customer queries in call centers. The article is free if your register and the summary says: A telecommunications company trying to optimize the economics of its call centers hesitated...

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Is your system smart enough to make your customers feel good?

I saw a nice little post today, Why You Need to Reaffirm Customer Decisions, that made me think about automated systems. Does the system that takes orders from your customers "reassure, comfort, and instill confidence in the customer that their...

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Customer focus with EDM

John Hagel, author of The Only Sustainable Edge (reviewed here), has a nice post on Tests for Customer Focused Companies. I liked his three "big" questions and any organization thinking about using a customer focus as a strategic weapon should...

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Growing your business with decision management

A marketing focus today. More particularly a focus on marketing to existing customers prompted by three distinct posts. Firstly there was Growing Business the Old-Fashioned Way over on Customers Rock discussing how concentrating on existing customers can be very profitable....

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Using EDM to improve marketing operations

I have been thinking about Marketing Operations (nicely described by Gary Katz here) and I saw a post on Why is marketing operations so important? on Unica's blog. It contained the great phrase: "What are the reasons for the growing...

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Use Cases and Requirements - a response

Scott Sehlhorst, with whom I am presenting at Business Rules Forum this year, just posted Use Case Example With Business Rules. In the post Scott identifies 4 opportunities, in an ATM withdrawal use case, to find decisions and I thought...

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Data Mining, Predictive Analytics and Markets of 1

Two articles made me think about the application of enterprise decision management, EDM, in the world of customer experience. First, I saw the one Jeff Kaplan wrote - "Data Mining as a Service: The Prediction is Not in the Box"....

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Using EDM to meet CRM challenges and use what you know about your customers

Two articles in CIO magazine caught my eye this week. Firstly, Meridith Levinson wrote Getting to Know Them, an article about some award-winning systems. This was a great article and a couple of things occurred to me as I read...

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Treating customers right, even if it means firing them

I saw this post by Seth Godin today - Treating different customers differently - and noticed that the Analytical Engine had a post on the same topic - Firing Customers - and it made me think about treating customers "right"...

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