Analytics and Big Data are Key Technology Trends for 2013

I attended the Gartner IT Expo in October to interact with senior IT leaders, showcase FICO’s products and get the latest take on Gartner’s upcoming trends in the technology industry. I found their talk on the Top 10 Strategic Technology...

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Bullish Growth Projected for Analytics

Our radar picked up some interesting findings from IDC on the global business analytics market. After an impressive 14% growth in 2011, IDC forecasts continued growth at nearly 10% through 2016. The use of business analytics is becoming more mainstream,...

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BPM Market Consolidation

-- Posted by Carole-Ann What a busy new year in the BPM space! Not too long ago IBM acquired Lombardi. This is quite an event as Lombardi was seen as one of the most advanced, most innovative vendor in the...

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More Market Consolidation

-- Posted by Carole-Ann We were all waiting for Oracle to respond to the IBM acquisition of Ilog. Here it is. With the Haley acquisition, Oracle joins the BRMS party. Oddly enough, they went for one of the smaller...

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The evolution of BRMS (part 1)

-- Posted by Carole-Ann Thank you for joining the Evolution of BRMS webinar yesterday. It looks like many of you have been able to make it. Quite a turn out! For those of you that could not make it, I...

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Market Consolidation

-- Posted by Carole-Ann IBM has announced their intention to buy ILOG. This is quite interesting for the BRMS market. Let me make a couple of comments on how this may change the dynamics. After SAP acquired YASU last year,...

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