Using decisioning to build the healthcare payment of the future

I saw this report from McKinsey - Overhauling the US health care payment system (subscription required). Their summary has three key points: The hugely inefficient US health care payment system is ripe for transformation. The inefficiency is concentrated in the...

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Shameless commerce: Smart (Enough) Systems

As some of you know by now I have been working, with Neil Raden, on a new book. As the files shipped to the printers yesterday, I thought I would take the opportunity to shamelessly plug the book here on...

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What you need to know about Decision Services

A key tenet of Enterprise Decision Management is the automation of the operational decisions that drive your business. You need to identify operational decisions and automate them; you also need to separate them out from the rest of your applications...

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"Blogging Live" from InterACT Lisbon: "How EDM Really Works"

"How EDM Really Works" at InterACT introduces the concepts of decision automation and predictive analytics.

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New white paper on heatlhcare fraud

Montgomery Research just published the new Healthcare Technology Report and it includes a white paper by me - Eliminating Healthcare Fraud Through Technology. You may need to register to read it. Don't forget there is a Fraud section and a...

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Predictive Analytics a must for Healthcare Payers

I saw this report by Joanne Galimi of Gartner today - "Predictive Analytics a must for Healthcare Payers". The executive summary makes a great point: The healthcare payer market is using current and historical data as a predictor of the...

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Using Business Rules to monitor patients

Press release today - Fair Isaac Enterprise Decision Management Technology Supports Remote Patient Monitoring in Innovative Healthcare Solution - about how Kiwok uses Blaze Advisor to monitor patients to improve their health and reduce the cost of their healthcare. This...

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Mobile monitoring in healthcare

I saw this article on monitoring diabetes in the Arizona Republic. This use of mobile technology to continuously monitor patients in a home/office/non-medical setting is going to be big trend in the coming years. I know of other companies using...

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Automating decisions can improve your health

I saw this post on Yahoo about how an Internet system helps with asthma control. One quote in particular struck me "Self-assessment and self-management are the goal". Absolutely. Automating decisions is a key part in how healthcare providers can reach...

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Building a Hospital for the 21st Century

The McKinsey Quarterly had a nice piece this week - US hospitals for the 21st century - which identified some key problems for . These include medical safety issues, high costs and increasing economic pressure. Drivers include Consumer-Driven Health Plans...

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