Is it scary to allow machines to "make decisions"?

I saw this article today - Phila. getting software to predict who might kill - to which there was some interesting reaction that made me want to comment. Firstly some quotes from the article: Initial research suggests the software-based system...

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Eligibility management - a perfect opportunity for business rules

One of the most common uses of decisioning technology in Government is the management of eligibility. As you will see this is mostly a rules and compliance issue, though there may be a role for analytics in deriving some of...

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If only they had used rules...

Ian Graham (of Trireme) pointed out a great example of a government project that should have used business rules - Jobcentre Plus misses deadline. This story, courtesy of the British Government, tells of a simple increase in an allowance that...

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License Fee Calculations

The California DMV recently replaced the portion of a legacy system that dealt with license fee calculation with a business rules implementation. This was the one part of the old legacy system that had variable business rules - it required...

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Giving your mainframe a new "brain"

Legacy modernization is a hot topic and business rules technology allows you to modernize just the high maintenance bit of your system and so save dollars.

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Decision Management and Government

Government agencies can get great value out of automating decisions using business rules and predictive analytics.

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