New white paper on heatlhcare fraud

Montgomery Research just published the new Healthcare Technology Report and it includes a white paper by me - Eliminating Healthcare Fraud Through Technology. You may need to register to read it. Don't forget there is a Fraud section and a...

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Marketing to (and with) algorithms with EDM

Ian, my fellow blogger here at, pointed me to this article You Must Market To Algorithms, Not Just People. The article nicely summarized the growing role of algorithms in marketing and, as predictive analytics and even rules can be...

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Here's a way someone is using enterprise decision management in mortgage

A colleague of mine (thanks Mark) pointed out this use of enterprise decision management in the mortgage industry - First American Real Estate Solutions' Vector platform. This platform, described as a "collateral valuation and risk management decisioning engine" has all...

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Enteprise Fraud Management requires Enterprise Decision Management

Rodney Nelsestuen over at Tower Group recently wrote this piece "Fraud Management: Covering the Basics, Extending the Value". There was a lot to like in this report and, if financial services fraud is something you care about, I highly recommend...

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USA Today, fraud and EDM

I saw this article in USA Today about data mining to detect fraud. This is a classic case of how business rules (to detect things that are breaches of the rules) and analytics (such as neural nets to detect patterns...

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Using EDM to stay a step ahead of fraud

Nice article on Staying a Step Ahead of Fraud in Intelligent Enterprise today. Michael writes a nice summary of some of the approaches and technology used in the battle against fraud. Those of you paying attention will notice that "Falcon's...

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Slugs with credit cards

Banana Slugs, that is. My stepson and his girlfriend are both leaving for college in the fall and both applied to the same major bank for student credit cards. Both got offered the initial $600 credit line - clearly this...

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Eliminating fraud (in healthcare) with EDM

Bill Briggs over at Health Data Management wrote a nice little piece on how I.T. Helps Payer Smoke Out Fraud. This article brings up what is a huge issue - healthcare payers are paying tens of billions in erroneous, abusive...

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Claims management - processing faster and detecting fraud with EDM

Why is claims management a perfect fit for EDM? Well, it is key for customers and agents to have a positive experience when first providing details of a claim as this sets the tone for the whole interaction. This tends...

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Using business rules for Anti-Money Laundering

Interesting report by Henry Peyret of Forrester on A Business Rules Engine Decreases The Cost Of Fraud Detection. The system he describes is a classic use of a non-inferencing rules engine but I want to make a couple of points...

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