Live from EBRC - business rules in Complex Event Processing

After lunch at EBRC I attended Paul Vincent's session on Business Rules in Complex Event Processing. Paul discussed CEP as involving real-time events, using patterns from historical data, relating these events and patterns to refine the situation and then detecting...

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Live from EBRC - Agility and Compliance

Last session at EBRC before today's high point (that would be my session), is Agility and Compliance require a combination of BPM/SOA, EDA and BRA by Jan Vanthienen, Leo Hermans and Wilfreid Lemahieu. They were missing Leo but got started...

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Business Rules, Business Decisions, Intelligent Processes, Enterprise Decision Management

Two analyst reports and an article came together today to reinforce both the core concepts of enterprise decision management - EDM - and its timeliness. First there was When Rules Go Inside Out With BPM (subscription required) by Jim Sinur...

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Nice article on Business Event Monitoring

The February issue of DM Review was full of good articles. First up, Solve Real-Life Business Problems with Business Event Monitoring by Sam Barclay. Sam's article did a nice job of bringing together both BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) and CEP...

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Enterprise Decision Management and important IT trends

I saw this article in Baseline - The 30 Most Important IT Trends for 2007 - and it struck me how many of them pointed out the need for an enterprise decision management approach. Highlights included: Needing to focus on...

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Enterprise Decision Management by any other name would smell as sweet

I was reading Guy Kawasaki's blog and saw this article on a new company called cFares. Now cFares is a new kind of discount travel company. Two of the distinctive characteristics that Guy describes strike me as the kinds of...

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Nice article on CEP

John Morrell, with whom I have worked before, wrote a nice summary of Complex Event Processing (CEP) technologies for DM Review recently. I have blogged a fair bit about the role of automating decisions in event processing (such as this...

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Business Intelligence 2.0 and Enterprise Decision Management

I have been reading a few things on "BI 2.0" and it made me wonder about the phrase and about the differences, or similarities, between BI 2.0 and EDM. I know Charles Nicholls of SeeWhy and read his nice little...

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EDM and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

Mike Ferguson pointed me to this article he wrote on Building Intelligent Agents using Business Activity Monitoring for DM Review and this made me think about EDM and BAM. Firstly let me say that this is a well written article,...

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Transaction-centric decisioning

In my interview with Jim Ericson, I talked about turning processes around so instead having a process definition to drive the way a transaction was handled, use the data that comes in on the transaction to drive the processing. So...

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