Using Rules to Upgrade Legacy Systems and Meet Regulatory Needs

The latest round of federal and state regulations has put tremendous pressure on compliance departments. As companies scramble to put new systems and procedures in place, it is no surprise that legacy COBOL systems are especially difficult to bring into...

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Turning Insights into Actions

As an analytic scientist, I know how exciting it can be to unearth a novel, actionable insight with the potential to improve the business. And I also know how challenging it can be to persuade business leaders to recognize the...

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Helping Banks Manage Risk, in Europe and Everywhere Else

Unless you’ve been off the grid for most of the year, you know that solvency and credit risk are dominating concerns for European banks and governments these days. Predictive models have long been vital tools for driving safe, effective lending...

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Predictive Analytics are hot!

-- Posted by Carole-Ann We just hosted an introductory webinar on Predictive Analytics and I was amazed at the turn out. BRMS practitioners are now getting interested in mass... They are engaging with FICO into education, discussions, etc. Why? I...

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Live from InterAct - preshow tutorials

-- Posted by Carole-Ann We flew into NY on Monday. After what seemed a long day of internal meetings and presentation rehearsals, we started the show in the afternoon with our tutorial. I was part of the "Operationalizing Analytics" track....

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Live from InterACT - Mark Greene's Keynote

(Posted by guest blogger, James Taylor) As Mark is the CEO of Fair Isaac I thought I would blog this one over on this blog rather than on the Smart (enough) Systems blog where the rest are going to be....

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Some thoughts on BI and analytics in retail banking

(Posted by guest blogger, James Taylor) Late last year the folks at Datamonitor published Business Intelligence in Retail Banking (Review Report). I finally got to read it today and it is, overall, a very interesting paper and I recommend it...

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Banks need more than workflow

(Posted by guest blogger, James Taylor) I was pointed to a new site this week - Gonzo Banker - and in particular to this article on Workflow: The Killer App. While I enjoyed the article, I do think that the...

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Gartner’s 2008 Predictions Include Bright Future for Enterprise Decision Management

Gartner recently issued two “Predicts: 2008” reports highlighting their expectations for Enterprise Architecture and the Business Process Management Suites (BPMS) Market. Both recognize noteworthy and highly complementary trends reflecting the value of Enterprise Decision Management (EDM), particularly Business Rules Management Systems (BRMSs) supporting EDM principles.

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Decisions, information, decoupling and automation

Andrew McAfee posted The Great Decoupling last week and Ross Mayfield followed up with Decoupling Decision Rights and Decentralization. These posts discussed the decoupling of information from decision-making. They assert that the decreasing cost of getting information around an organization...

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