The evolution of BRMS (part 2)

-- Posted by Carole-Ann Thank you for attending the Evolution of BRMS session at Business Rules Forum. It was great meeting some of you there in person. For those of you that could not make it, I wanted to give...

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Business Rules Forum

-- Posted by Carole-Ann After Dallas, travel brought me to Florida where I attended Business Rules Forum. On Tuesday, John Rymer invited me to sit in a vendor panel (the only woman). We discussed topics such as market consolidation and...

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October Rules Fest

-- Posted by Carole-Ann The very first occurrence of October Rules Fest happened in Dallas a couple of weeks ago. The objective was to get all kinds of business rules techies in one room and cover all kinds of topics...

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The Role of Predictive Analytics in the Sub-Prime Crisis

-- Posted by Carole-Ann Being part of Fair Isaac, I have never really doubted the critical role predictive analytics could play in business. I see real-life examples day in and day out but when I read the New-York Times article...

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More Market Consolidation

-- Posted by Carole-Ann We were all waiting for Oracle to respond to the IBM acquisition of Ilog. Here it is. With the Haley acquisition, Oracle joins the BRMS party. Oddly enough, they went for one of the smaller...

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The evolution of BRMS (part 1)

-- Posted by Carole-Ann Thank you for joining the Evolution of BRMS webinar yesterday. It looks like many of you have been able to make it. Quite a turn out! For those of you that could not make it, I...

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Upcoming webinar

-- Posted by Carole-Ann Interested in a live performance? In preparation for Business Rules Forum, it will be my pleasure to offer a free webinar on the evolution of the business rules management systems on October 8th. Details on the...

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The end of BRMS

-- Posted by Carole-Ann I remember the days when BRE (business rules engine) was a hot topic. The analysts tracked the BRE market, customers looked for engine features, vendors were competing against spaghetti code. Back then we were a handful...

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Business Rules Resources

-- Posted by Carole-Ann With the new school year starting (and my return from extended vacation), I thought it would be appropriate to review a few highlights of the business rules activity... In January, Blaze Advisor received the 2008 Best...

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Can we trust Business Users?

-- Posted by Carole-Ann The key premise of business rules management has been historically to empower business users. Since they own the business, they should be able to maintain the way they want to do business without being subject to...

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