CEP a Predictive Modeling facility? Myth!

-- Posted by Carole-Ann Despite my efforts to simplify the Decision Management picture, especially as it relates to CEP, BRMS and BPM, it seems that the CEP buzzword turned into an omnipotent ruler of the Decision Management world, at least...

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An attempt at demystifying CEP, BPM and BRMS

-- Posted by Carole-Ann The more I read on Complex Event processing (CEP), the more I believe that people are confused or people are trying to confuse end users. It reminds me of the Business Process Management (BPM) / Business...

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BEA on Event Driven Architecture Sounds a lot like EDM

Yesterday BEA Systems released a white paper summarizing their findings of a customer study regarding Business Process Management (BPM). The paper is titled “The State of the BPM Market – Business and IT: Solving Process Problems Together.” BEA also culled through numerous analyst and other industry expert insights to narrow in on the key trends driving adoption of BPM related technologies. There were two especially notable items in the report that show an Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) approach to operational decision automation, connection and improvement is becoming an increasingly mainstream concept – even if the term EDM isn’t the label.

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Call for Presentations - the new EDM Summit

How are you integrating business rules and analytics? How are you adding intelligence to your business processes? How are you putting analytics to work in your operational systems? How, in other words, are you using Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) to...

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Business rules are core to the BPM/SOA value proposition

(Posted by guest blogger, James Taylor) Butler Group released a really well written report on BPM last year - Business Process Management: Building End-to-end Process Solutions for the Agile Business (December 2007) and I took a look at it after...

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Making it actionable with EDM

(Posted by guest blogger, James Taylor) The Performance Guys had a post today titled "But is it "Actionable?" in which they discuss the general trend towards what is called "pervasive Business Intelligence" - that is, BI everywhere and for everyone....

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“Smart Enough”…Processes

The June 2007 issue of DM Review features an interview with business process management (BPM) vendor Metastorm CEO Bob Farrell, titled “Process Intelligence.” Given Metastorm’s focus on BPM it isn’t surprising that Mr. Farrell has a process centric view of the world. Rather surprisingly though, it seems their business is experiencing trends similar to those developing around Enterprise Decision Management (EDM).

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Business Rules, Business Decisions, Intelligent Processes, Enterprise Decision Management

Two analyst reports and an article came together today to reinforce both the core concepts of enterprise decision management - EDM - and its timeliness. First there was When Rules Go Inside Out With BPM (subscription required) by Jim Sinur...

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EDM for IT Operations

I saw an interesting article on DM Direct (DM Review's email newsletter) today - Leveraging Decision Automation in Database Administration. In it Venkat Devraj makes an interesting case for using decision automation, what I would call decision management, to automate...

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Nice article on Business Event Monitoring

The February issue of DM Review was full of good articles. First up, Solve Real-Life Business Problems with Business Event Monitoring by Sam Barclay. Sam's article did a nice job of bringing together both BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) and CEP...

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