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New Name, New Perspectives, New Voices

New Name, New Perspectives, New Voices

Welcome to our revamped and renamed Decision Management blog. The decision management team here at FICO decided to drop “Enterprise” from the title in the spirit of Occam’s Razor (“plurality should not be posited without necessity”) because we know that you already know Decision Management = Enterprise - “a purposeful or industrious undertaking (especially one that requires effort or boldness)”

We also plan to involve more of the internal thought leaders at FICO to give you a wider variety of voices, fresh perspectives and new ideas across all aspects of decision management. Let me introduce some of these guest contributors and topics you’ll be hearing about in the coming weeks:

Don Griest, Decision Optimization
Andy Flint, Predictive Analytics and Models
Garth Gelhbach, Business Rules
Richard Schiffman, Predictive Analytics and Models
Doug Clare, Fraud Management

The list of names and the range of hot topics are likely to grow as the blog evolves, so stay tuned.

Enhancing BPM with Business Rules

Speaking of hot topics, the intersection of business rules management and business process management is one we get a lot of questions about – especially while attending the Gartner BPM Summit. [link to: ]

Many organizations have embraced BPM systems to improve operational workflow, but may be overlooking an opportunity to make more precise and profitable automated decisions through business rules management. They are under the misconception that rules can be installed in process management. The fact is a BPMS cannot do what a BRMS does – enable the implementation of rules based on complex logic and allow them to be updated as business conditions change. They are separate disciplines requiring separate systems.

Having said that, BPMS and BRMS are highly complementary, and organizations that use the two in combination see powerful results. If you are interested in how BRM can complement and enhance BPM methodologies and technologies, I suggest you check out our webinar on the subject, “Enhancing BPM with Business Rules.” [link to: ]

As always, we welcome your comments, questions and ideas.
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