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Enterprise Decision Management by any other name...

(Posted by guest blogger, James Taylor)

What's in a name? that which we call a  rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;

This famous couplet from Romeo and Juliet came to mind today when an article I wrote was published over on the BPM Institute - Business Decision Management - Part 1. Business Decision Management is another name for Enterprise Decision Management, after all, and not a chance in definition. Similarly I have heard Enhanced Decision Management, Customer Decision Management, Marketing Decision Management and plain old Decision Management.

It is worth remembering that the reason for Enterprise in EDM was not to imply that decision management must be done "enterprise-wide" to be successful nor that some kind of "enterprise" project is required. It is very specifically intended to show that decisions should be managed as enterprise assets so that the enterprise, and its management, can be sure they are being taken with the appropriate precision, consistency, agility, speed and cost.

Sure, decisions that cut across many processes and many systems can offer particularly good returns on enterprise-wide management. Clearly connecting decisions across silos, along the customer lifecycle and so on adds value. But these things are not necessary for a great return on an EDM investment. The word Enterprise is all about attitude, not about scope or deployment.

So why Business Decision Management or BDM? Well, we are talking about business decisions so it seems like it makes sense but it is also about emphasizing its parallels with Business Process Management or BPM. Like BPM, BDM/EDM is an approach not a technology stack and, like BPM, there are a number of technology elements that need to be coordinated to deliver on BDM. Like BPM there are platforms for organizations to do it themselves as well as applications with it built in. And so on. BDM complements, and is complemented by, BPM.

Business Decision Management or BDM and Enterprise Decision Management or EDM are the same. In fact, all these kinds of Decision Management are really. It's all about the automation and improvement of operational decisions using business rules, predictive analytics, adaptive control and optimization. Don't let multiple names confuse you.


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