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Business rules - what a programming language should be

[EDITED - See comments for reason]
I saw a great quote from Ira Fuchs recently. Ira said:

"Programming languages today remain syntactic, abbreviated, and procedural, as opposed to semantic, verbose, and declarative"

Well, of course, a business rules management system has a syntax that is semantic, verbose and declarative. That is, in fact, almost its definition. Perhaps programmers should think about business rules more often...

Thanks to Jean-Jacques Dubray over at for the quote.

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Ira Fuchs

The Ira Fuchs quoted here is not the one that founded BITNET or helped to create the first LISTSERV (that being me). Believe it or not, there is another Ira Fuchs who is affiliated with CUNY (which by even stranger coincidence is where I started BITNET).


Ira - thanks for posting, sorry for getting you confused with Ira!

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