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Is your system smart enough to make your customers feel good?

I saw a nice little post today, Why You Need to Reaffirm Customer Decisions, that made me think about automated systems. Does the system that takes orders from your customers "reassure, comfort, and instill confidence in the customer that their...

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Getting in the loop

Great article on the Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action (OODA) loop by Dag von Lubitz in DM Review. Dag nicely summarizes and explains the work of Col Boyd's OODA loop in the article and I would highly recommend the article to...

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Better Bank Branches with EDM

Another interesting McKinsey Quarterly today on Bank branches that meet customer needs. Part of it's summary is that "banks should put utility before appearances, favor lower-budget tactical adjustments, and use branch formats to manage customer visits actively". This last point...

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Book Review: The Power to Predict

I recently read The Power to Predict: How Real Time Businesses Anticipate Customer Needs, Create Opportunities, and Beat the Competition by Vivek Ranadive (CEO of Tibco). As I read it I made copious notes in it, as is my wont,...

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Super Crunching with EDM

Thanks to Rolando I linked to this article Era of the Super Cruncher in which Ian Ayres discusses his new book - Super Crunchers: Why Thinking-by-Numbers Is the New Way to Be Smart . I have not read the book...

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Process transformation and decision management

Roeland Loggen had a nice post over on his blog today - BPM Suite as a component in a logical architecture. I liked his architecture except that I think the Decision Platform he identifies also needs to be able to...

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Save $100 NOW!

My friends over at the Business Rules Forum tell me that readers of the blog can get a $100 discount using this code:7DJTDV. So now you have no excuse not to register for what promises to be an excellent show....

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Coming this Fall (actually sooner): Law and Order EDM

Acronyms are way of life it seems for both crime drama television shows, as well as business rules technology. Just as you have CSI, SVU and probably others I can’t recall in TV land, you have numerous terms such as BRE, BRM, and BRMS to describe variations on rules management concepts. What spurred me to think about this was the August 3 Gartner research paper titled “Hype Cycle for Business Process Management (BPM), 2007.”

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Business rules - what a programming language should be

[EDITED - See comments for reason] I saw a great quote from Ira Fuchs recently. Ira said: "Programming languages today remain syntactic, abbreviated, and procedural, as opposed to semantic, verbose, and declarative" Well, of course, a business rules management system...

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EDM Outta Sight: Invisible Employees and Transparent Decision Services

As a guest Blogger on the EDMBlog, I am obviously a proponent of Enterprise Decision Management and the impact it can have on a company’s operational decisions; you could say I think EDM is “outta sight.” By that, I mean really effective, specifically how EDM can optimize the many, often hidden, decisions underlying an organization’s day to day operations.

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Nice article on operational analytics and EDM

Gib, who writes for the blog once in a while, wrote a nice piece on Making the Most of Operational Analytics with Enterprise Decision Management for DM Review. Enjoy. Technorati Tags: analytic application, analytics, BI, BI 2.0, business intelligence, DM...

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Business Rules Forum - Where Enterprise Decisioning Comes of Age

If you read this blog and you are not on the mailing list for the Business Rules Forum, you might have missed the most recent email. The show's theme this year is "Where Enterprise Decisioning Comes of Age" and there's...

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Book Review: IT Risk

I was lucky enough to get a pre-release copy of IT Risk: Turning Business Threats into Competitive Advantage by George Westerman and Richard Hunter. The book approaches IT risk not as a technical issue but as a business and management...

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Tacit knowledge, rules and automation

Nice little post on What do we mean by tacit knowledge? over on the anecdote site. This reminded me of a couple of points I made when I reviewed Carl Frappaolo's book on Knowledge Management. Firstly, as technology and our...

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Data Miner Survey - results

Some time ago I suggested that readers might like to complete a survey for Karel Rexer of Rexer Analytics and a number of you did. The results of the survey are now available here (you need to email Karl and...

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TDWI says the most exciting part of Operational BI is Enterprise Decision Management (kinda)

Wayne Eckerson published a nice report for TDWI recently called "Best Practices in Operational BI: Converging Analytical and Operational Processes", which you can download from the TDWI site here (free registration required). It's a very interesting report and the summary...

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Book Review: The Black Swan

I have just finished reading Nassim Nicholas Taleb's book - The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable . NNT (as he calls himself) has some fascinating points and some interesting turns of phrase, though he does rather go...

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If you think you need a Chief Analytics Officer, what you really need is a Chief Decision Officer

I saw this article in DM Review today - Building the Analytic Organization - in which Peter Graham lays out a case for a Chief Analytics Officer and how that role would be part of improving the use of analytics...

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Decisions Podcast #18, Decision Services and SOA

My friends over at Officer Outlook recorded another podcast with me on decision services and SOA. You can access it through the Decisions Podcast site (where we post occasional podcasts on EDM) or directly on their site.

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Customer focus with EDM

John Hagel, author of The Only Sustainable Edge (reviewed here), has a nice post on Tests for Customer Focused Companies. I liked his three "big" questions and any organization thinking about using a customer focus as a strategic weapon should...

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Using EDM to win with operational automation

Charlie Bess over on the EDS Next Big Thing Blog had a great post on Operational Automation will Always Win Out in the End in which he argues that a focus on low cost locations is never going to work...

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McKinsey research of better IT management for banks points to EDM

The McKinsey Quarterly just published Better IT management for banks (subscription required). A nice little summary of some research into the IT operations of banks around the world. The report concludes that, rather than traditional IT concerns such as scale...

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1001 Posts!

I just check and between this blog and my other one (over on ebizQ) there are now 1001 posts. Wow. Of course I did not write them all but many of them...

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Whole brained decision management

Joe McKendrick had an interesting post today - ‘Whole-brained’ enterprises need SOA: here are the numbers to prove it where he discussed a report from the BTM Institute on Business Technology Convergence (PDF here). While I agree with much of...

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