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"Taking off" with enterprise decsion management

Ajay Kelkar had a comment on - Live from Teradata (almost) - Improving Customer Experience with EDM. Ajay made the point that a business entering "take off" stage is particularly interesting as there is a belief that you should get...

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Automating decisions for better customer service

Mike Schaffner had a nice post that I saw this morning - Some Technology Suggestions for Airline Customer Service. He pointed out that a couple of simple things would represent much better customer service when one is flying. His examples...

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EDM inside - some Friday afternoon humor

A colleague (thanks Stuart) sent me this - who knew EDM could power motorcycles...

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Growing your business with decision management

A marketing focus today. More particularly a focus on marketing to existing customers prompted by three distinct posts. Firstly there was Growing Business the Old-Fashioned Way over on Customers Rock discussing how concentrating on existing customers can be very profitable....

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Analysis and creativity in decision-making

Scott Thurm recently wrote a piece in the WSJ Marketplace section - Now, It's Business By Data, but Numbers Still Can't Tell Future. He talked about the growing trend of trying to run companies more analytically, more "by the numbers",...

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Using decision management to transform claims

Karen Pauli of Tower Group recently wrote Technology Direction in US P&C Insurance Claims Operations: Transforming a People Business (subscription required). This is a great paper and highly recommended for those of you thinking about how to improve your claims...

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Useful posts on data mining

Craig Borysowich has some useful posts on his blog this week. He does nice little series on various topics and he recently completed a data mining series. Here are the links with some comments: Obtaining Management Support for Data Mining...

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Getting support for data mining (and decision management)

Craig had a good post today - Obtaining Management Support for Data Mining and BI. I liked the post because he focused first on the business objective - the decision you are trying to improve - and only then on...

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The last decomposition of the application

One of the reasons for a focus on decisions and decision services is to complete the decomposition of the old, monolithic application (thanks Mark). Think about it. If you embed decisions - business logic - in your applications, you hide...

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Using EDM to improve marketing operations

I have been thinking about Marketing Operations (nicely described by Gary Katz here) and I saw a post on Why is marketing operations so important? on Unica's blog. It contained the great phrase: "What are the reasons for the growing...

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Use Cases and Requirements - a response

Scott Sehlhorst, with whom I am presenting at Business Rules Forum this year, just posted Use Case Example With Business Rules. In the post Scott identifies 4 opportunities, in an ATM withdrawal use case, to find decisions and I thought...

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Decisions and the potential for agile services

I saw this post over on the Web Gambit today - How Agile is your Architecture? - where Karthik emphasizes the Agile Manifesto's Responding to change over following a plan. He is talking about architecture agility and says "After a...

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Data Mining, Predictive Analytics and Markets of 1

Two articles made me think about the application of enterprise decision management, EDM, in the world of customer experience. First, I saw the one Jeff Kaplan wrote - "Data Mining as a Service: The Prediction is Not in the Box"....

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Rules and requirements - what do YOU think?

Scott Sehlhorst and I are presenting at Business Rules Forum this year on rules and requirements and thought we would use our blogs (his is here) to carry out a public discussion/presentation development process! He got it started with Business...

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Using EDM to meet CRM challenges and use what you know about your customers

Two articles in CIO magazine caught my eye this week. Firstly, Meridith Levinson wrote Getting to Know Them, an article about some award-winning systems. This was a great article and a couple of things occurred to me as I read...

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Great article on the need for EDM

The Business Rules Journal has published an extract from James and Neil's book as "The Need for smart Enough Systems (Part 1)" (Business Rules Journal, Vol. 8, No. 7, July 2007) . If, having read the article, you want to...

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EDM Idol: Calling for Entries to the Card Awards

Fair Isaac is sponsoring the "security and anti-fraud category" at the 2008 UK & Ireland Card Awards. Download a copy of the "Call for Entries".

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Treating customers right, even if it means firing them

I saw this post by Seth Godin today - Treating different customers differently - and noticed that the Analytical Engine had a post on the same topic - Firing Customers - and it made me think about treating customers "right"...

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Using decision management to complement ERP

Aberdeen just published this nice little report - Aligning IT to Business Processes: How BPM is Complementing ERP and Custom Applications (sponsored so free in return for your email address) - which makes for interesting reading in terms of how...

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Another event in the fall

The International RuleML Symposium on Rule Interchange and Applications (RuleML-2007) will take place, October 25-26, 2007, in Orlando, Florida and is co-located with The 10th International Business Rules Forum (at which I am speaking). The folks at RuleML tell me...

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Remember: Don’t Crush ‘Em, Restore ‘Em

The title of this posting is taken from a saying repeated at the conclusion of a cable television show about classic cars, and aptly summarizes the focus of this newsbit I saw today on DM Review’s website: “Major Software AG Customer Survey Reveals New Priorities for Legacy Systems”. Software AG, an infrastructure software provider, surveyed 180 of its clients to understand their views on legacy systems. The results cited in the article parallel the value of Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) to legacy systems; all good news for Software AG and BRMS vendors, maybe less good news for application vendors trying to sell their latest wares.

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Technology and the changing face of insurance

Ian sent me this link - Safeco Launches Teensurance Tech Product - and I thought this was interesting as it shows how technology can impact insurance. The particular article is about a service offered whereby teenaged drivers' behavior can be...

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Yahoo's senior marketer tells you to use EDM (kinda)

I was reading this interesting McKinsey report - Confronting proliferation ... in online media: An interview with Yahoo!’s senior marketer. In this report Cammie Dunaway, CMO for Yahoo, talks about how Yahoo is coping with the explosion of choices and...

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Got MDM? You know EDM Better than you think

For some time now, I have recognized analogies between Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) and Master Data Management (EDM). They both share attributes such as the separation/abstraction of “inputs” from operational or analytical systems and recognition of these inputs as assets to be managed and available for reuse across the enterprise. It’s interesting to note also that both have impacts on analytical and operational systems, yet originated from different points of view. In the case of EDM, high volume operational decisions have historically been the focus, while MDM stems from problems in managing consistency in data warehouses.

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