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Blogging from InterACT this week - Shameless Commerce Warning

InterACT BlogI am going to be attending InterACT San Francisco 2007 all week. InterACT is Fair Isaac's company show and is in San Francisco again this year. You can look for live (or nearly live) blogs from the sessions by me and Ian and you will be able to find the full set of posts from InterACT in this category. I should note that this is a Fair Isaac show so you may not see quite the usual neutrality in our posts - these are Fair Isaac and client sessions after all. Hopefully it will still be interesting.

To get you in the mood here are some fun facts about InterACT from my friends in the marketing department:

  • The show started in 1976 and has been called InterACT since 1996
  • InterACT has racked up more than 10,000 attendees since 1976 with attendees from more than 60 countries including China , El Salvador and Trinidad & Tobago
  • InterACT’s tagline today is "The Smarter Decisions Conference." At various points in the past the tagline has been:
    • "Igniting the Decision Revolution"
    • "Accelerate Your Analytic Advantage"
    • "The World’s Leading Business Conference on Really Hard Stuff" (my favorite).
    • "The Empirical Eighties"
    • "Making the Pieces Fit—Strategic Control for the Future"
    • "The Other Aspects of Scoring"
  • InterACT keynote presenters have included:
    • Susan Butcher, heroic Iditarod winner
    • Suze Orman, dynamic credit guru
    • Pat Paulsen, comedian and faux presidential candidate
  • Fair Isaac has been holding conferences outside North America since 1995, and has held them in Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Budapest, Prague, London and Lisbon.
  • 2001 was the first time conferences ran in Europe and the US in the same year.
  • US cities that have hosted InterACT include

    San Francisco, San Diego, Miami, Napa, and Williamsburg

  • All 5 Fair Isaac CEOs have presented at InterACT

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Warning of even more shameless commerce! I'm starting a forum for people who follow Suze Orman and like to talk shop about finance and money. I've already got a few questions so if you've got an answer or a question yourself, I'd love to hear 'em. The earl is

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