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Action "0" when building an analytic organization

I saw this article by Peter Graham "Building the Analytic Organization". Peter lays out some steps to create an analytic organization but I think he has failed to list the first one! Action "0" must be to establish why you...

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Interesting use for predictive analytics in insurance

I heard about a fascinating use of predictive analytics recently. The company concerned is DriveCam, who focus on improving risky driving behavior by predicting and preventing crashes. They provide an exception-based video event recorder that captures sights and sounds inside...

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Knowledge-driven decision support systems and Decision Services

This week's Ask Dan! in the email I get from DSSResources.com was "What are the features of a knowledge-driven DSS?". In this article Dan Power discusses what I would probably call expert systems. He says: "In general, a knowledge-driven DSS...

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More on requirements gathering

Another great post on requirements from Scott over on his blog - Types of requirements gathering. Worth reading as good background for anyone gathering requirements and rules (which are not the same, remember). A couple of rules-centric comments first: Rules...

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An Airline Story

Last night I was supposed to fly back from San Diego on American Airlines. The experience showed me, again, how customer service could be improved with Enterprise Decision Management (EDM). Let's see... Old Way It's 7:30pm. The 7:30pm flight is...

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Business Rules and SDLC - some questions

Bhaskar Sharma of HCL wrote me a little while ago and asked about business rules and the software development life cycle (SDLC). He said that, as of now, they use a normal SDLC approach in which rules are either hard...

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A word about analytics

I was wandering around our R&D facility yesterday and saw a great sign Analytics simplify data to amplify its value Now I have no idea if this is original or a well-known analytic quote. Regardless, I think it is very...

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Harnessing the Power of Enterprise Decision Management To Drive Retail Growth

The EDM approach allows retailers to address one or more drivers of profitable same-store sales growth.

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Business Rules and the Rational Process

Periodically I get asked about bringing business rules into the Rational Unified Process or RUP. RUP and the Enterprise Unified Process are designed to apply UML and best practices in a formal way. They do not formally manage business rules...

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Business rules or decision management or what?

Tom Debevoise has an interesting question over on his blog - Business Rules: An unfortunate term for a larger concept. He is interested in what others think we should call this over-arching concept. He likes Decision Governance, I (obviously) like...

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Use Cases, UML Statecharts and business rules

Interesting post over on the Tyner Blain blog Use Case vs. UML Statechart - Business Rules. This post does a good job of differentiating between use cases and UML statecharts with a view to finding the business rules. Of course,...

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Business rules, flexibility and rigor

Saw this post on the EDS blog - Does the rigor of business rules free you up to be innovative? Charlie Bess refers to a piece by Ron Ross called Business Rules: When is a Door Not a Door? Like...

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Predictive Modeling

Ozgur Dogan wrote a nice, if short, article on Advanced Predictive Modeling Made Simple (Sort of) for Chief Marketer that came my way today. He makes three good, clear points in the article: Segment your customers Absolutely, Good segmentation can...

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Business rules and "Dependency Injection"

Nik Malik posted here on why he thinks a pattern known as "dependency injection" beats out rules engines. I was going to write a long post disagreeing but between Charles Young, who does a great job of responding, and Rajgo...

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39 Insurers Recognized as "Model Carriers": Congratulations to Unitrin Kemper Auto & Home

Enterprise Decision Management helped Unitrin Kemper Auto & Home lower its combined ratio by eight points.

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What you need to know about Decision Services

A key tenet of Enterprise Decision Management is the automation of the operational decisions that drive your business. You need to identify operational decisions and automate them; you also need to separate them out from the rest of your applications...

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1 MORE thing CIOs should know about requirements

I saw this article on CIO magazine today - Five Things CIOs Should Know About Software Requirements. It seems to me that there is one more thing (at least) that they need to know about requirements: Business rules are NOT...

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What Does James Have in Common with the Catholic Church

(Posted by Guest Blogger, and General Sycophant, Ian Turvill. This post has really very little to do with EDM.) It's not every day that James is mentioned in the same blog post as the Catholic Church, but today he achieved...

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Quick multi-topic post

It's been a busy few weeks what with InterACT, travel in Europe and then getting back on the right time zone and working on the book. So, to satisfy your hunger for a post, here are a few interesting links:...

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Why Banks need to focus on "Growth Decisions"

I was meeting with an IDC Financial Insights analyst today, Rachel Hunt, and in the conversation she used the phrase "growth decisions". I really liked this as it seems to me that increasingly banks, and many other organizations, are going...

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InterACT Lisbon - Conversational Machine

Final session of the conference is one of the highlights - Robert Hecht-Nielsen presenting about his work developing a conversational machine. This is a long-term research project that Robert runs at Fair Isaac working on building a machine that is...

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InterACT Lisbon - Decision Optimization

Next up was a group of Fair Isaac folks introducing and discussing decision optimization using Fair Isaac's Strategy Science approach. In terms of Strategy Science the focus is on choosing an optimal set of decisions across a portfolio when there...

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InterACT Lisbon - Making your modeling team world class

Last day of the conference and I am listening to Chisoo Lyons talk about building a world class analytic modeling team. Over the last few years Fair Isaac has been focusing less on developing models for customers and more on...

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InterACT Lisbon - Decision Yield (and an EDM Methodology)

John Sandifer, Joe LaLuzerne and Ian Turvill presented on both the EDM methodology that Fair Isaac has assembled from its experience and the concept of Decision Yield. Joe went first walking through the methodology. He emphasized the need for upfront...

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InterACT Lisbon - Building Scorecards with Model Builder

Final presentation for me this morning is Gerard Chrispie of HBOS - Halifax Bank of Scotland, the fourth largest bank in the UK with some 22M customers and assets of over $1Bn. Gerard presented on how HBOS is using Model...

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InterACT Lisbon - Models to Rules

Next up were Carole-Ann Matignon and Andy Flint presenting on how analytic models and business rules can and should be combined. Carole-Ann and Andy are product managers for Model Builder and Blaze Advisor, Fair Isaac's products for analytic model development...

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InterACT Lisbon: What's New in Scorecard Technology

First session today was Gerald Fahner of Fair Isaac discussing recent advances in Scorecard Technology. First thing to note is that Scorecards to Fair Isaac are generalized additive models that are predictive and are explicable (see this post for instance)....

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