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"Blogging Live" from InterACT Lisbon: "How EDM Really Works"

"How EDM Really Works" at InterACT introduces the concepts of decision automation and predictive analytics.

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InterACT Lisbon: Record Attendance

InterACT, the Smarter Decisions Conference, enjoys record attendance.

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InterACT Lisbon: Shameless Commerce Caveat

(Posted by Guest Blogger, and Legal Eagle, Ian Turvill.) James and I are putting up this entry as a general caveat for all InterACT-related posts that follows. InterACT is billed primarily as "The Smarter Decisions Conference", with the intent to...

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Microsoft BPM adds decision management

Some of you will no doubt have seen today's announcement of a Business Process Alliance by Microsoft (their press release is here). Fair Isaac is one of the 10 companies in this alliance (see the Fair Isaac press release here)....

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Book Review - The Halo Effect

I just finished reading Phil Rosenzweig's book "The Halo Effect...and the Eight Other Business Delusions That Deceive Managers". This book takes aim at the general run of business books and, in particular, their tendency to dress up vivid stories as...

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How Do You Know I'm in London Today?

(Posted by Guest Blogger, and sometime London Transport rider, Ian Turvill.) So, how would you know that I was in London today. What form of analytics would tell you that I was working from our office next to the Thames?...

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Blogging Live from InterACT: Preview

InterACT Lisbon and San Francisco are great ways to be introduced to the technologies and techniques that are the basis for Enterprise Decision Management.

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EDM Looks Good On You

Enterprise Decision Management can support real-time in-store recommendations, even in unconventional circumstances such as at the cosmetics counter.

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Business Intelligence: What Are You Thinking?

(Posted by Guest Blogger, and BI Skeptic, Ian Turvill.) I'm working in London today, ahead of next week's InterACT Conference in Lisbon, and I've been so busy juggling responsibilities across time zones that, first of all, I deleted my daily...

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Is decision management a solution to Seth's problem?

Seth Godin had a post recently - Starting over with customer service - and, while I agree with much of his set up I think the solution is different. Why not empower those people collecting good information to give an...

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EDM for IT Operations

I saw an interesting article on DM Direct (DM Review's email newsletter) today - Leveraging Decision Automation in Database Administration. In it Venkat Devraj makes an interesting case for using decision automation, what I would call decision management, to automate...

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Why your offshore IT provider doesn't need domain knowledge

I saw this post yesterday on the Infosys blog - Is IT-Business/Domain Knowledge overrated? - and it made me wonder - does an offshore IT provider need domain knowledge at all? Are there ways to build systems that take much...

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Mitigating the risks of reuse with business rules

Dian over at BPM Enterprise had this post that led me to this piece on The RIsks and Rewards of Reuse by Marcia Kaufman of Hurwitz & Associates. Dian highlighted the problem of "Poor Process" as an issue from a...

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Why optimize decisions - a nice list

John over at Big Sky Thinking had a nice post today on the reasons for optimizing decisions. It's a good list and worth checking out. I had a few comments: Business model innovation, like outsourcing and "smartsourcing", really repay (and...

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Analytics - centralized or distributed

Bella posted an interesting comment today - here - on my post about the opportunity for analytics in which she commented on Tom Davenport's POV in Competing on Analytics. Her comment about the pros and cons of centralizing analytics made...

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The opportunity for analytics

Final interesting article in DM Review this month - Dealing with Data: Data Analytics: A Huge Opportunity by Shari Rogalski. She does a nice job of summarizing the research and makes some good points. A couple of things I wanted...

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Metadata and business rules

Second interesting article in this issue of DM Review was Capturing Intellectual Capital in Metadata By Sid Adelman and Bonnie O'Neil. I believe that Sid and Bonnie are working on a book on this topic - hopefully I will get...

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Nice article on Business Event Monitoring

The February issue of DM Review was full of good articles. First up, Solve Real-Life Business Problems with Business Event Monitoring by Sam Barclay. Sam's article did a nice job of bringing together both BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) and CEP...

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Great article on the business benefits of EDM

There is a nice summary of the business benefits of an Enterprise Decision Management approach in DM Review today - Enterprise Decision Management's Business Impact. It gives a great little overview of the operational, tactical and strategic level. Of course...

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BI, BRMS, BPMS and don't forget Decisions...

I saw this post on BI, BPMS and BRMS and this one similarly and it seemed to me that there is a crucial hole in these discussions - where are the decisions? I took a quick stab at a graphic...

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Book Review: Business Rules Management and Service-Oriented Architecture

Ian Graeme's new book "Business Rules Management and Service-Oriented Architecture" is a fairly technical look at business rules, the technology of a business rules management system and patterns of using them. The book gives a fairly quick overview of SOA...

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How to manage your ad sales with EDM

A couple of days ago I came across this article - NBC Turns 'Fresh Eyes' to Its Ad Sales (subscription required). It talked about Michael Pilot joining NBC from GE to manage Ad sales without any prior media experience. Michael...

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SOA, BPM and business users

Joe McKendrick's blog had an interesting post today on getting business users involved in application development. The problem is the difference perspectives needed for business and IT folks. Business people don't want to assemble applications, they want to run their...

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Who has the "D" when the "D" is automated?

Hyperion is offering a Harvard Business Review paper called "Who has the D? How Clear Decision Roles Enhance Organizational Performance". This paper outlines a set of roles for decision-making so as to help make it clear who is supposed to...

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Book Review: Competing on Analytics

I have just finished a pre-release copy of "Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning" by Tom Davenport and Jeanne Harris Tom and Jeanne have written a new book (building on a paper they wrote some time ago) about...

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How to get Macro AND Micro control with decisioning

When I posted Think Micro not Macro it prompted several comments that made me want to post some more. Ron Shevlin at the Marketing ROI Blog who had the original post responding to the predictive analytic predictions that started all...

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Want an EDM blidget?

What's a blidget I hear you ask? Well, our friends at Typepad (who host the EDM blog) have partnered with Widgetbox to make it easy to package up a blog as a widget - a blidget You can get the...

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Think Micro not Macro - decisions, that is

I saw this post on Diamond Analytics' blog - Micro to Macro - where they discussed this post. There's a key quote: For analytics to become the lifeblood of the (marketing) accountability process, the focus needs to shift from a...

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Muzak Controlled by Business Rules

Enterprise Decision Management can coordinate the delivery of targeted "on air" creative on a store-by-store basis to maximize its impact. It seems that POP Radio, Rite Aid, and Kmart could use that system today.

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Breakthrough in 2007 with decision management

I saw this post discussing some of the Harvard Business Review's Breakthrough Ideas for 2007. Three in particular caught my eye: Continuous partial attention One of the challenges noted in this point is the overwhelming stream of notices that people...

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Here's a way to use business rules to manage offshore development

I saw this post about Parallel Development, Managing Version Control and Offshoring and it made me think about the challenges of developing software using remote resources. It seems to me that outsourcing and self-service have a lot in common so...

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Shameless Commerce - new eBook on Intelligent Enterprise

There is a new Fair Isaac eBook on Intelligent Enterprise (registration required) with a nice article on BPM and rules, a study of webMethods' new product Fabric 7 and an overview of anti-fraud software. Enjoy. Technorati Tags: BPMS, BRMS, business...

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Extreme Personalization and Markets of 1

I presented this morning on "Extreme Personalization and Markets of 1" and put the slides up on Slideshare. Technorati Tags: analytics, business rules, customer centricity, customer experience, customer service, customer treatment, EDM, Enterprise Decision Management, predictive analytics, personalization

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Risk Management, some ideas

An old friend from England pointed me to this white paper - A new risk culture model - that he wrote recently (hi Jason). Jason is working on developing on an open-source risk framework (details here) and the white paper...

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Good first month in 2007

Just a quick update on the blog - January was a record month for us. We had; 10,143 page views (first time over 10,000) 5,610 visitors (first time over 5,000) 384 subscribers by the end of the month (a record)...

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Google beware - Some e-tailers warn the backlash is spreading

Retail marketers can search for the best keyword bid price by applying the principles of Enterprise Decision Management.

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Beat Google at Its Own Game: Apply Predictive Analytics for Keyword Bidding

Marketers using keyword bidding can dramatically increase the ROI of their marketing programs through EDM.

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