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BI, BRMS, BPMS and don't forget Decisions...

I saw this post on BI, BPMS and BRMS and this one similarly and it seemed to me that there is a crucial hole in these discussions - where are the decisions?

I took a quick stab at a graphic to show what I mean - decisions as equal partners with processes, events triggering and being consumed by decisions and processes and data being used not just for BI/reporting/KPIs (that might cause manual changes to policy) but also for analytics to derive real insight for use in decisions.

Just a thought...


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Hi James,

Have to concede that you have a better graphic than mine.
Having said that, I would like to add that the Business Decision Layer is more of a pattern that is made possible using a rule engine

For example, one would like to model a Pricing Service as an architectural artifact, that is driven by a rule engine and an underlying set of eligibility rules.

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