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I got a request today to create a specific feed for a specific category. If you could like to request a category feed or feeds, let me know here.

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EDM Could Be a Fix for the Aging Insurer Population

Thanks to George Grieve of the P&C Technology Blog for his shout out on my recent article about the need to capture the expertise of insurance underwriters (and presumably, too, managers and executives in other insurance functions). I just want...

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New white paper on heatlhcare fraud

Montgomery Research just published the new Healthcare Technology Report and it includes a white paper by me - Eliminating Healthcare Fraud Through Technology. You may need to register to read it. Don't forget there is a Fraud section and a...

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Two more podcasts

Ian has been recording podcasts with some of the folks speaking at InterACT next month and two more have been posted. The first and explores how banks can share and deepen customer insight, and how Fair Isaac's evolving products for...

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Does everyone even WANT to write software?

Like many of you, I suspect, I found Awaiting the Day When Everyone Writes Software (you may need to register) in the New York Times interesting. While I hate to criticize someone like Charles Simonyi (who has brought to market...

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Book Review: Smartsourcing

I just finished Tom Koulopoulos's book Smartsourcing - Driving Innovation and Growth Through Outsourcing. I first met Tom when he spoke at a conference I attended and I blogged about his sessions - The Road to Agra and Smartsourcing. He...

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Doug Henschen and Intelligent Enterprise

I had a chat with Doug Henschen over at Intelligent Enterprise the other day and today he blogged about turning insight into action. If you are interested in this you will find lots on this blog (and my other one)...

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Mysteries, puzzles and analytics

My friends over at Juice Analytics had a post a little while ago that discussed customer analysis in the context of a recent article by Malcolm Gladwell (the author of Blink) in the New Yorker comparing puzzles (where more data...

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New Blog features

As the week comes to an end a few new features for you to enjoy: The EDM Library, and all my book reviews, now has its own page so it no longer loads every time you load a page There...

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Insurers: Capture The Expertise Now

(Posted by Guest Blogger and Friend of Underwriters Everywhere, Ian Turvill.) The results of a survey conducted by the CPCU Society (the society for P&C insurance underwriters), in which its 26,000 members were asked for their views on the industry's...

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Insurance Technology Blog Started

(Posted by Guest Blogger, and Explorer in the Blogosphere, Ian Turvill.) I see that CastleBay Consulting Corp., a consulting services firm to the P&C insurance market, has launched and will facilitate a new "P&C technology" blog to offer the industry...

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Speed (of decision-making) matters to customers

1:1 magazine had a piece about the importance of speed in winning customer loyalty. I was struck by one comment from their survey in particular: Seventy percent of respondents want knowledgeable and personalized service, and nearly 70 percent say that...

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business process and business rules

At the NY Brainstorm BPM Conference, we had an interesting panel on the relationship (current and changing) between "business process" and "business rules." The answers were intriguing. Before revealing the answers, it would be interesting to pose some of the...

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Banks, customers and decisioning

This article came up on bank customers. It talked about how banks need to address new competitors by looking for novel ways to retain and attract customers. "But cosmetic enhancements and branch renovations can only go so far. Financial-services providers...

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Congratulations (again)

Congratulations for the second time to the Blaze Advisor team for winning Readers' Choice from Intelligent Enterprise. Second year in a row.

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Change your thinking about BI

An article on the upcoming Gartner BI conference caught my eye. The article said "Gartner research vice president Nigel Rayner will tell delegates at its Business Intelligence Summit at the end of the month, that traditional thinking around BI needs...

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Nice presentation on rules and requirements

BPM Institute has a nice Case Study: Business Rules and Requirements Management at the IRS about the IRS' piloting of a new methodology for analyzing, documenting, and managing business rules in conjunction with requirements for system design. Has some good...

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Legacy modernization, a comment

I saw this article over on IT-Analysis on converting legacy applications by Tel Hudson of Bloor. I tried to post it as a comment but their CAPTCHA system is broken so I kept getting errors. Hopefully they will fix it!...

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CRM, Customer Experience, gethuman and decisioning

Curiously I came across two references to gethuman.com in my browsing this morning. First Sandy Kemsley had included a link in one of her link posts and then Colin over at Bankwatch posted this nice summary - ‘gethuman’ standard and...

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The Importance of EDM for Actuarial Operations

(Posted by Guest Blogger, and James's Own "Mini-Me", Ian Turvill.) I ran across an article today which reminded me of the importance of having analytical tools that can do much more than simply developing robust statistical models. Insurance Networking News...

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More InterACT Previews

(Posted by Guest Blogger, and Voiceover Artiste, Ian Turvill.) I've just posted another two interviews of speakers at the forthcoming InterACT Lisbon to our associated podcast site. To get a sense of what's going to be happening at the event,...

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Do You Want to Hear My Recording of James Taylor?

(Posted by Guest Blogger, and Quasi-James, Ian Turvill.) I know that you all miss James's more detailed, regular postings while he has put himself into seclusion to finish off his great American novel. So, in an effort to stave off...

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From BI to Predictive Reporting to Predictive Analytics

I attended a TDWI webinar today by Wayne Eckerson on Predictive Analytics. This presented information from a recent survey TDWI conducted of its members (here's the report's executive summary and you can get the report here). Now TDWI, and Wayne,...

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Gratitude and Shameless Commerce All Together in a Single Post

(Posted by guest blogger and ersatz technology evangelist, Ian Turvill.) James's "likelihood to blog score" rates very low today, so it's up to me again. As I was casting around today for things to comment on, a press release arrived...

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Congratulations to the Blaze Advisor team

Just a quick post today to congratulate my colleagues in the Blaze Advisor team for taking this year's InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award for Business Rules Management System prize. The full review of Blaze Advisor, and of ILOG JRules,...

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Will James Post (Another) Blog Entry Today?

I have decided to apply predictive analytics to see if James is going to post a blog entry today. (James tell me his first post this morning "wasn't much of a post", so we'll assume for our purposes that one...

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Credit, risk and insurance

A colleague passed this link on to me today - Insurers use credit scores for premiums, but is it fair? It's a nice well-balanced article on the use of credit data in insurance risk assessment. There is a fair amount...

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Some more business rules predictions for 2007

I got a couple of late entries for business rules predictions I thought I would share: First Krzysztof Karski of Artemis Alliance (who sometimes blogs here) Business Analysts, and companies as a whole, are realizing that they need to keep...

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Some predictions for 2007

Towards the end of last year I asked various people to make some predictions for 2007. Here, in no particular order, is what they said. Interestingly pricing and customer-centricity both came up more than once. Bruce Richardson, Chief Research Officer...

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The EDM Blog in 2006

So let's review the EDM Blog in 2006 According to Technorati we ended with a rank of 73,372 with 500 links from 46 blogs 383 Posts or more than one a day! 26 of these were by Ian Turvill, 5...

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