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Book Review: The Only Sustainable Edge

I recently heard John Hagel (who has a blog) present (at the webMethods conference) on the book he wrote with John Seely Brown, "The only sustainable edge". In the book John and John discuss how recent changes in the world...

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The problem with programmers

Firstly let me say that not only are some of my best friends programmers but that I have been a programmer, development manager, product manager, architect and methodology author in my career so please don't consider this some marketing guy...

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New article on enterprise policy hubs today

I have a new article on BPM Institute today - Why you need an enterprise policy hub. It's an extract of my chapter from The Business Rules Revolution (which I reviewed here) so if you like it, buy the book....

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Where has all the risk gone?

A couple of the blogs I read mentioned this LA Times article today - Insurers learn to pinpoint risks -- and avoid them. In particular RiskProf and Workers Comp Insider covered the article. RiskProf felt that the article missed the...

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One complaint about the Long Tail

Having reviewed "The Long Tail" and written a long piece about how decision management can help build the systems the Long Tail requires, now I have to register a complaint. In the book Chris talks about the limitations of physical...

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Hits and Niches

"The era of one-size-fits-all is ending, and in its place is something new, a market of multitudes", so says Chris Anderson (who blogs at www.longtail.com) in his recent book "The Long Tail". The phrase "The Long Tail" comes from a...

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Book Review: The Long Tail

I have just finished reading "The Long Tail" in which Chris Anderson does a nice job of introducing some key concepts that are redefining business in the Internet era. As he says "The era of one-size-fits-all is ending, and in...

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Gathering requirements, and rules

I saw this post on gathering requirements by Scott Sehlhorst today. Now I don't think requirements are the same as business rules (particularly given the nature of business rules is to change) and that one should keep them separate and...

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New Podcast with Donald Light of Celent

Insurance is an industry that is adopting Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) very rapidly. In the latest edition of Decisions, Fair Isaac's podcast on all matters relating decision automation, Donald Light of Celent Communications address a number of questions relating to...

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Vote on the blog design

I thought it would be fun to get a quick vote on the new blog design. Let me know what you think.

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Enterprise Decision Management and important IT trends

I saw this article in Baseline - The 30 Most Important IT Trends for 2007 - and it struck me how many of them pointed out the need for an enterprise decision management approach. Highlights included: Needing to focus on...

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Don’t Sell Insurance Like Dollar Meals: CEO

The National Underwriter News Service yesterday reported statements made by Boston-based Liberty Mutual at 18th Annual Executive Conference for the Property-Casualty Industry: Insurers to be competitive need to focus on service and underwriting rather than price, the head of the...

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Shameless promotion

I just wanted to say how highly I think of InScope Solutions - an utterly wonderful group of people. Not only are they promoting and successfully implementing business rules, they are also helping spread the word by participating in The...

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New Blog design

Well I hope you like the new blog design. If you do, or don't, please let me know!

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Customer-led Services at UC Berkeley

Last night I gave a presentation to Bob Glushko's class on Services Sciences, Management and Engineering. It was a lot of fun and I got some great questions from the students. In particular the discussion around privacy and around who...

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Insurers Focus On Attracting And Retaining Customers

(Posted by Guest Blogger, Ian Turvill.) An article in today's Insurance Networking News focuses on the outcomes of a conference this week that has been exploring "approaches to attracting and retaining customers in various market segments". There were several points...

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Insurers Not Using "State-of-the-Art" Analytics Face 'Grim Prognosis'

(Posted by Guest Blogger, and Craig's List Devotee, Ian Turvill.) This week in Florida, Frank J. Coyne, chairman, president and chief executive officer of ISO (formerly, the Insurance Services Office) gave a keynote presentation at ISOTECH, his organization's annual technology...

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Book Review: Knowledge Management

I have been reading this short book on knowledge management, by Carl Frappaolo, on and off since the Delphi Business Process Innovation Summit. The book is a nice introduction to the field of knowledge management offering definitions, some history, various...

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Don't just collect that data, USE it

I saw an interesting article in DM Review this week - Ability to Mine Data Major Major Roadblock. This reported on a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey and essentially said that companies thought their data should give them a real competitive edge but...

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Enterprise Decision Management by any other name would smell as sweet

I was reading Guy Kawasaki's blog and saw this article on a new company called cFares. Now cFares is a new kind of discount travel company. Two of the distinctive characteristics that Guy describes strike me as the kinds of...

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Insurance companies need to face an era of relentless change

A couple of recent articles came my way with an insurance focus - Insurer says fierce competition is cutting rates (Houston Chronicle) and Progressive CEO WIll Push Insurance Pricing Harder (Marketing Daily). These articles basically summarize the comments of the...

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Nice article on CEP

John Morrell, with whom I have worked before, wrote a nice summary of Complex Event Processing (CEP) technologies for DM Review recently. I have blogged a fair bit about the role of automating decisions in event processing (such as this...

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Predictive Analytics a must for Healthcare Payers

I saw this report by Joanne Galimi of Gartner today - "Predictive Analytics a must for Healthcare Payers". The executive summary makes a great point: The healthcare payer market is using current and historical data as a predictor of the...

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It's So Juicy!!!

Posted by Guest Blogger, and a mere apprentice serving at the knee of the master, Ian Turvill. Great news from Virginia today! And no, I'm not betraying my political leanings. Instead, I am simply revealing that Juice Analytics, an analytics...

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Posts from the webMethods conference

I have been at webMethods' conference this week and blogging from there. Here are the links if you want to check them out: Driving Business Transformation Through Process Improvement Innovation Driving Success – Albert Heijn Case Study Introducing webMethods Fabric...

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Using Business Rules to monitor patients

Press release today - Fair Isaac Enterprise Decision Management Technology Supports Remote Patient Monitoring in Innovative Healthcare Solution - about how Kiwok uses Blaze Advisor to monitor patients to improve their health and reduce the cost of their healthcare. This...

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USA Today, fraud and EDM

I saw this article in USA Today about data mining to detect fraud. This is a classic case of how business rules (to detect things that are breaches of the rules) and analytics (such as neural nets to detect patterns...

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The customer's influence on decisioning

There was an interesting question posed over on Bankwatch this week when Colin posted about using Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) to improve the customer experience. Colin asked how external influences on a customer can be included in the decisioning process...

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Syntax for Miss Manners benchmark.

I have been tracking James Owen's work on reviewing business rules products in InfoWorld (most recently summarized by Doug Dinley) and saw this post by Doug about the syntax involved in a couple of the engines. For completeness I thought...

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Business Rules Management Systems reviewed

InfoWorld has been carrying reviews of business rules recently and summarized them on this blog posting. With five products all getting good reviews and with quite a range of companies/products/approaches represented I think this shows how solid the business rules...

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Webinar introducing the new business rules book

I recently participated in a round table webinar for BPM Institute about the new book, The Business Rules Revolution. You can check it out on the BPM Institute site, buy the book here or read my review of the book....

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Sliding-scale not binary decisioning

Back in July when I was interviewed for DM Review I discussed sliding scale decisioning briefly and I realized today that I have not expanded on this. In the article I discussed how I see a move from simplistic to...

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Here's a way to have 1:1 communication and scale too

I was reading the October issue of 1:1 magazine on a plane today and was struck by an article called "You Talkin' to me?". The article's main focus was on the use of custom communication in marketing but it made...

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Using EDM to succeed in automating the life underwriting process

I saw this article in Insurance Networking News today - Survey: Carriers Struggle to Automate Underwriting Process about a Tower Group survey. What struck me is how relevant enterprise decision management or EDM is to solving some of the challenges...

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