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Live from Teradata (almost) - Improving Customer Experience with EDM

I presented at Teradata Partners today on the topic of using enterprise decision management to improve the customer experience. Essentially I proposed that using technology like business rules and analytics to improve the moments of decision when interacting with a customer can improve their experience. Targeting, rewarding loyalty, empowering staff and leveraging information are all part of this. Here's a PDF of the presentation if you want more.

Here's the slideshow on slideshare

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christopher carfi

james...good comments on the discover card post over on knowledgestorm; totally agree with your points. thanks for stopping by. -cfc

Dale Wolf

Since you stopped by my blog and commented, I thought I'd exchange the favor. So I posted a link to your EDM powerpoint on my blog ... it's good stuff for my readers and I appreciate your sharing it. Marvelous when the blogosphere works right!

Ajay Kelkar

I find this approach of using decision rules to improve customer experience fascinating. In India,where many businesses are actually entering "take off" stage,it may be interesting to see how EDM can be applied efectively. Often at this stage in the market,the general belief is to go out and build a product/solution and as market changes keep hitting you ,to go and make changes as you go along.Wonder what your thoughts are?

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