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Learning to love change - an article

I just had an article "Business rules cafe or how IT can stop worrying and learn to love change" published in SOA Web Services Journal. You can get a PDF of the whole issue my going to Sys-Con's site here...

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Decision Yield - an overview

What is Decision Yield One of the challenges in adopting Enterprise Decision Management is measuring the ROI. Sometimes organizations find that a focus only on costs saved does not yield enough of a return to justify the investments required for...

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"Load balancing" decisions

Chatting with some colleagues yesterday, one of them used the phrase "load balancing" when talking about how you could combine computer-based and human-centric decisioning. The context was a discussion around Deep Blue, IBM's famous chess computer, and how much processing...

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The ART of (genetic) segmentation

I saw a post or two recently on genetic algorithms (including Alberto's and Walter's) and it made me want to post about a recent Fair Isaac use of genetic algorithms called "Adaptive Random Trees" or ART. So how does ART...

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Book Review: Blink

This book has been a hot topic recently. I first heard about it at InterACT where Larry Rosenberger used it as part of his discussion on the future of analytics. The book is an easy read and full of wonderful...

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A refund story

Old Way: The other night I had to return something to my local grocery store. I walked in with the goods, but without the receipt. The person working the customer service desk (a regular staffer not a dedicated customer service...

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Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance is Here! Well, Actually, Over There...

Posted by Guest Blogger Extraordinaire, Ian Turvill, of Fair Isaac A description of an innovative insurance offering crossed my desk the other day, and I felt that I had to reflect on its EDM-related implications. In a report issued on...

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Medical errors and decisioning

Interesting article on USA Today Report finds drug errors injure more than 1.5 million. The article estimated more than $3.5B in unecessary costs. It gave a list of things you can do as a consumer to help. It made me...

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Healthcare Podcast

Nice little podcast by a colleague on the topic of healthcare and using business rules to improve its delivery.

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Eliminating fraud (in healthcare) with EDM

Bill Briggs over at Health Data Management wrote a nice little piece on how I.T. Helps Payer Smoke Out Fraud. This article brings up what is a huge issue - healthcare payers are paying tens of billions in erroneous, abusive...

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Robots, AI and decisioning

A colleague sent me a link to this article in the NY Times - Brainy Robots Start Stepping Into Daily Life - which talks both about the robot cars of the DARPA grand challenge and other AI like projects. For...

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Strategic, top to bottom alignment with EDM

One of the (many) advantages to an Enterprise Decision Management or EDM approach is the opportunity for real strategic alignment, top to bottom. At first sight this may seem contradictory with the ruthless focus on operational, high-volume decisions regular readers...

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Enterprise Applications and decisioning

To quote Butler Group "Enterprise Applications tend to be pretty dumb. They collect data, store it and product reports on it". So if your enterprise application(s) is/are dumb, what can you do about it? Look at the reports you generate....

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Book Review: Integration and SOA

A short book written by Beth Gold-Bernstein and Gary So, it covers the basic concepts, technologies and approaches of integration in the context of SOA. It has some good thoughts on how to build a business case for integration projects...

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EDM and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

Mike Ferguson pointed me to this article he wrote on Building Intelligent Agents using Business Activity Monitoring for DM Review and this made me think about EDM and BAM. Firstly let me say that this is a well written article,...

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Book Review: Business Rules Applied

This book is one of the classics on developing information systems with a business rules approach. Not only does the book give a good overview of the key concepts in business rules, it also lays out the core tasks and...

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Podcast with Barb von Halle

We just posted a short podcast I did with Barb von Halle at the recent Brainstorm conference in San Francisco and you can find it here. For those of you who don't know Barb she authors on this blog once...

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Tom Davenport and Decision Automation

I have blogged before about Tom Davenport's articles on analytics, or at least about articles that quote him such as this one and this one. In an email exchange the other day, he pointed me to this article - Automated...

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New EDM FAQs published

I have posted a set of FAQs on Enterprise Decision Management.Here's the list: What IS Enterprise Decision Management or EDM? What can EDM do for my business? Why is EDM important now? What kinds of problem can EDM solve? Who...

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Top 10 Excuses for not automating decisions

Over on my other blog I posted some notes on the top 10 excuses given for not adopting business rules and other decision automation technologies: 10. We tried before and never got any results 9. I would like to invest...

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Transaction-centric decisioning

In my interview with Jim Ericson, I talked about turning processes around so instead having a process definition to drive the way a transaction was handled, use the data that comes in on the transaction to drive the processing. So...

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New Predictive Analytics FAQ posted

I have posted a set of FAQs on predictive analytics. I tried to prevent them clogging the feeds but may or may not have succeeded. Anyway, here's the list: What is Predictive Analytics What are the Signs that My Business...

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The art of the decision

Well hopefully you all saw me on the front page of DM Review - The Art of the Decision. If this is the first time you have seen the blog, welcome! To coincide with the profile I am going to...

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