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Identity Theft - decisioning in action?

I saw this article on Identity Theft and the entirely coincidental press release on Fair Isaac's new Identity Fraud prevention product (Falcon One). Identity Fraud prevention is a classic example of an EDM problem. Why? Well consider the core measures...

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Book Review: Principles of the Business Rules Approach

This book is one of the classics on business rules from one of the most long-standing authors in the area, Ron Ross. The book is a little more than three years old but, as it is not really focused on...

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Not another attempt to "fix" requirements!

Regular readers of the blog, and there are getting to be close to 100 of you I think, will have seen my rants on requirements management as a solution for business agility before. Over on ComputerWorld today I saw another...

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The two kinds of predictive analytics

I saw this article in InformationWeek today - Businesses Mine Data To Predict What Happens Next - and it made me realize that people can be confused as to what predictive analytics means in the context of decision management. In...

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Interoperable Medical Records - SO WHAT?

In the Federal Times last week there was an article on Your health records online. The government is mandating interoperable medical records by 2014 to try and avoid potentially life-threatening medical errors, such as prescribing drugs that counteract other medicines...

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300 Posts - time for some admin

Well this is the 300th post on this blog - something of a milestone I guess. I thought now might be a good time to remind readers of some useful features of this Typepad blog (and some other ones we...

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Introductory article on business rules

In Follow the rules Marcia Jedd over at AIIM e-doc magazine gives a nice overview of business rules with some best practices outlined.

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Business rules becoming mainstream?

SD Times had an article on how Business rules will play growing role in how companies develop applications and automate processes. Some nice analyst quotes as well as some from yours truly.

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Beyond BI - Bill gets it (mostly) right...

CIO Insight and eWeek covered a recent memo from Bill Gates on "Beyond BI". As I often talk about EDM being "Beyond BI" I thought I would make a couple of comments on his memo. "The impact on the workforce...

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CIO Insight and some thoughts from yours truly

I was "quoted" in a recent CIO Insight column CIO Insight: Techtalk: Fair Isaac Corp.'s James Taylor on automating the decision process. The article set was around new rules for information management and discussed some of the issues around data...

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Congratulations Tommy!

At JavaOne this week, Perrone Robotics' Paul Perrone won a Duke Award in the Emerging Technologies category. The award described Tommy like this: Tommy, a project of Perrone Robotics, Inc., is a completely autonomous, Java-technology powered 12-foot-long dune buggy. It...

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Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) and EDM

Aite Group recently published a new report - Anti-Money Laundering Technology: Automating the Haystack Search. Sadly I don't have access to the report but I wanted to take a moment to discuss AML. In the interests of full disclosure I...

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Well, it had to happen. I am starting to work on regular podcasting and the first fruits of this are now available. There are three to start with: #1 - An overview of EDM with my friend Ian Turvill #2...

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Explaining analytic models

A posting on the Oracle Data Mining blog made me think about explaining analytics. Analytics need to be explained because telling a customer (or a regulator) that you took a business decision "because the analytics said to" is not going...

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Understanding and Implementing Real-Time Analytics

Michael Gonzalez and I recently gave a presentation on Understanding and Implementing Real-Time Analytics. Michael started off by discussing some trends he sees that lead to a need for real-time analytics: Drive to operational transformation using insight gained from operations...

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Business rules and intelligent user interfaces

I have not blogged much about SmartForms for Blaze Advisor, the extension to the base product that allows for the development of rules-driven user interfaces that take advantage of AJAX and X-Forms so I thought I would do so today....

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InterACT - A Summary

Well I think we are done blogging from InterACT so I thought I would write a quick summary. There were a ton of good sessions and lots of interesting discussions so the links below represent just a tiny fraction of...

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Live from InterACT (not really): Solving Business Problems at InterACT

This year’s InterACT was a showcase for EDM and how rules and analytics work together to make better decisions. As I listened to some of the sessions, however, it occurred to me that InterACT was really a showcase for how...

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Live from InterACT (not really): When Rules Make the Best Medicine

This excellent session on the use of business rules in improving the delivery of healthcare was given by Mark Clare,VP of Knowledge and Information Management Parkview Health and Adjunct Professor at Northwestern. Mark presented on how Parkview Health is using...

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Live from InterACT (not really): The Future of Analytics

This session was given by one of my favorite speakers, Larry Rosenberger. Larry is the head of Analytic R&D for Fair Isaac and the former CEO. Larry is always fun and often good at challenging the audience to think differently....

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Live from InterACT (not really): Wired for Action

Now back from InterACT and trying to catch up on sessions I attended. Michael Chiappetta, Fair Isaac's VP Product Development, gave a presentation on the development of an Enterprise Decision Management architecture for Fair Isaac's application stack. As anyone in...

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Improving operational business decisions

A great article on EDM - Increasing Precision, Consistency and Agility of Operational Business Decisions with Enterprise Decision Management - in DM Review this week. Of course, I wrote it so I would say that, wouldn't I? More on InterACT...

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Live from InterACT: HP Open Bank and EDM

Watching HP present yesterday on their Open Bank framework and how decisioning and EDM can be plugged into it. Essentially the Open Bank framework is designed to help banks increase their share of wallet at lower cost while remaining compliant...

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Live from InterACT: Decisions On Call: How the Decision Service Provider (DSP) Model Works

Posted by Guest Blogger, Ian Turvill From Fair Isaac's InterACT Conference, San Francisco, CA Well, as promised, I'm plugging the gap on a description of the "Decision Services Provider" model. James just delivered a presentation on this topic at InterACT,...

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Making New Friends, A Million Consumers at a Time

My colleague at Fair Isaac, Jeff Zabin - noted marketing author and bon vivant - has been publishing a quarterly newsletter for Fair Isaac's Precision Marketing Group. Aptly it is called Marketing Decisions, since it focuses on the application of...

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Live from InterACT: So, What is InterACT Then?

I thought I'd extract a little from the press release that literally just went across the wire: InterACT, the world's leading business forum on business analytics, emerging decision management technologies and their applications, is being held this week in San...

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Blogging from InterACT

This week I am at Fair Isaac's show on Enterprise Decision Management, InterACT. I will be presenting some sessions and attending others and will try and blog as I go. Hopefully Ian and Rahul, both of whom are also here,...

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