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The future of CRM

Scott Nelson gave a great presentation at Gartner's CRM Summit in London recently. I particularly liked this slide: I like this slide a lot as it clearly shows why I think EDM and CRM are going to converge. Look at...

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More and more blogging...

Well it had to happen - a second blog! I am now blogging on ebizq - Decision Management Blog. Please go visit and enjoy.

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Application Development Trends awards

Saw this blog posting on ADT's blog - 2006 Innovators: Who should win? - and noticed that our friends at Sun are nominated for their system, described here. Good luck!

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Brad Appleton posted a great little piece on Unchangeable Rules of Software Change - Redux. He makes some great points in the article and I am going to shamelessly steal some. He identifies three pitfalls that are very pithy: Pitfall...

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Process Management Grows Up

Doug Henschen interviewed Jim Sinur of Gartner in Intelligent Enterprise - Process Management Grows Up: Q&A With Gartner's Jim Sinur - and Jim was his usual provocative self. I like the new maturity model at first glance as I think...

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Boosting Call Center Performance with EDM

Another great McKinsey on IT article - Using IT to boost call-center performance - caught my eye. One quote in particular leaped out: The next wave of improvements will probably come from using technology to automate contact with callers, to...

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Railroads, logistics and EDM

Interesting article in InformationWeek today - U.S. Railroads Rolling Out High-Tech Logistics - that made me think about applying EDM in railroads or other logistic problems. As I read the article I started thinking about the operational systems that could...

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Out of the labs - business rules already empower nonprogrammers

This article in Computerworld struck me as interesting - In the Labs: Automatic Code Generators. The subhead was "Even nonprogrammers can 'program' with these tools". There are three issues with the premise of this article. Firstly why would you wait...

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Business and IT collaboration

Randy Cronk asked an interesting question the other day - he asked me to cite some examples of making it easier for business and IT to collaborate (see his comments on this post). This made me think of a recent...

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AIG Trade Credit - a case study

Digging around in some old case studies and I found this one from AIG Trade Credit. This one was an interesting one for a couple of reasons. Firstly its a great example of how business rules can help IT and...

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Are rules engines for everybody (in Mortgage)?

Scott Kersnar of Mortgage Technology News wrote a piece recently - Are Business Rules Engines for Everybody? - where he made the point that in an era of change, business rules management systems and separating out decision logic as a...

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Trends in Financial Services - the decision-centric institution cometh!

Duffie Brunson wrote an interesting piece on b-eye-network recently - Dominant Trends in Financial Services - based on Knightsbridge Solutions annual white paper. I am not going to try and summarize it all but a couple of points did leap...

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Enterprise Risk Management and Enterprise Decision Management

Interesting article by Steve Minksy in ebizq today - The Dos and Don’ts of Enterprise Risk Management. Enterprise Risk Management is a key objective in many organizations that adopt EDM and not just because there is only a one letter...

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McKinsey on IT

In the spring issue of the McKinsey quarterly there is a piece on The next generation of in-house software development (registration required). The piece discusses ways in which companies are streamlining applications development. I won't summarize the whole piece but...

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SOA, BPM, CEP and business rules

Several articles, not at first obviously related, caught my eye this morning. First there was an interesting article by David Cameron on Complex Event Processing today in DM Review - A New Approach to Automating Real-World Business Processes. Then I...

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Gartner BI - wrap up

The week after the Gartner BI show I thought I would try and summarize my thoughts on where the BI industry is and might go based on what I saw at this show. I think the BI industry is in...

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Decisions, decisions, decisions

Phillip Britt over at Destination CRM wrote a nice little piece today about Gareth Herschel's presentation at the Gartner BI show - Decisions, Not Data, Drive CRM Improvements. I was at the Gartner BI show (see these blog entries, using...

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Application Development Trends and Rules

Nice article in Application Development Trends on business rules - New Business Rules to Live By written by Linda Briggs. Some nice examples, good quotes from John Rymer from Forrester and a pretty good summary.

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Excellence in Insurance

Michael Voelker wrote on Targeting Excellence in National Underwriter. He discusses how a number of companies have used BPM and rules to achieve process excellent. He identifies five key points for success that are well worth reading. Two of them...

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Rule Taxonomy and rules engines

Francis Ip on the ITRedux blog posted on Taxonomy of Rule. A nice summary in many ways, though we are a long way from managing ontologies in business rules management systems - think that really comes under business modeling. Business...

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"gethuman" or not but fix decisioning

The Customer Relationship Blog on gartner.com had a post by Esteban Kolsky about www.gethuman.com that made me think more about the posting I made earlier today on self-service in banking. I think Esteban is completely correct in asserting that the...

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Rules, SOA, banks and legacy modernization

Interesting little article about SOA and its role in helping banks move their legacy applications forward in ebizq. I have worked with some of the HP folks in their Open Bank group as it is really clear to me that...

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Self-Service in Banking

Jerry Silva of Tower Group recently published a report on "Customer Self-Service and Retail Banking in the US: Rising Expectations, Challenges, Opportunities". Jerry does a nice job of describing the various options banks are using to deliver self-service to their...

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Live from Gartner BI (not really): Business Activity Monitoring and EDM

My flight was delayed yesterday and as a result I was able to hear Bill Gassman present on Business Activity Monitoring. Now clearly a business rules approach has a place in a BAM solution but Bill made a good point...

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Live from Gartner BI: Closing Thoughts

I just attended the last session I am going to make at this year's conference and now I have to pack up and leave. I will post some overall conclusions later but I wanted to thank a Blaze Advisor customer,...

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Live from Gartner BI: Future Trends in Business Intelligence

Interesting session today with Betsy Burton and Mark Beyer on future trends in Business Intelligence. Lots of good stuff on how visualization, SOA and composite applications etc will impact what we traditionally regard as the BI market. Although they touched...

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Live from Gartner BI: Integrating Predictive Analytics into Operational Systems

I presented at the show today on this topic and got a pretty good crowd, about 180, who seemed interested and many of whom came by and asked questions. I offered to post the presentation here so here it is:...

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Can and Should Business Rules Save American Jobs?

I was involved in an intriguing meeting yesterday where the major concern is the loss of traditional American jobs, today and for the forseeable future. The discussion began with how many IT functions are disappearing from the American landscape and...

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Live from Gartner BI: Business Intelligence, Business Process and Business Rules

Interesting session this afternoon at the Gartner BI Summit - "Business Intelligence and the Business Process Platform". David Newman presented some thought-provoking stuff on how the combination of business intelligence and a business process platform might be used to create...

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Live from Gartner BI: Not your father's BI

So I am at the Gartner BI Summit this week. Attended the opening keynote and a session on BI competency centers, both given by Bill Hostmann and Betsy Burton of Gartner. Lots of good stuff in both sessions but a...

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Healthcare Payers - Buy Rules Now or take the consequences!

Joanne Galimi a Research Director with Gartner Group has released a couple of interesting papers - "Rule Management Is the Next Major Business and IT Challenge for Healthcare Payers" and "Findings From the Gartner 2006 Global Research Meeting: Tactical BPM...

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tools and rules extraction

Narayan is asking about experience people have had with rules extraction using current tools. I would like to share our experience in that regard and open it up to other experiences and insights. We have used various tools (Seec, Becubic,...

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OMG and legacy rules

Paul Vincent so nicely sent us to an OMG website (http://admin/omg.org/) where members understand the benefits of mining rules. In that regard, what more should we know about such work, how to use it now, and what may be coming...

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Getting benefits from compliance

Laurie Sullivan wrote on TechWeb that Compliance Spending To Reach $28 Billion By 2007. She noted that: Companies that treat compliance as more than just a necessary budget item see unexpected benefits. Survey respondents ranked the top business benefits of...

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