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The future of BPO includes business rules

David Margulius wrote a nice piece on BPO in InfoWorld recently - The great business process handoff. I have blogged a couple of times about the value of business rules when considering business process outsourcing but a couple of comments...

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Interesting rules articles in DM Review today

Rolando makes some great points in this one The Rules of Business Just Changed. Again. How Fast Can You Change? where he discusses how business rules can give you a critical edge through business agility. This one - Business Intelligence...

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Agile Rules? A "conversation" with Scott Ambler

Scott Ambler is a well known writer on Agile techniques and some of his comments were posted on a business rules group recently - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bizrules/. I found some of them very interesting and so got Scott's permission to re-post them...

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Don't sleep on it, automate it

Interesting article in New Scientist - 'Sleeping on it' best for complex decisions. While this is mostly about how people make decisions about things that affect them directly, it made me think about businesses who are relying on staff to...

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Keeping rules and process separate, but linked

Nice post by Sandy Kemsley on ebizq - Separating rules and process. Don't think I need to add anything to this one...

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Business rules and business intelligence

Saw David Loshin's article on Refining Simple Business Rules on B-Eye network today. He gives a nice summary of the kinds of rules that can be used in a business intelligence context. While the rules David discusses are not the...

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Got events, SOA? You need business rules

In Time for event-driven SOA Joe McEndrick summarizes a post by Brenda Michelson It seems to me, reading these, that a business rules approach to automating operational business decisions would be a very valuable element in an event-driven SOA. Joe...

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Scott Gnau and Ron Swift of Teradata wrote a nice piece in DM Review that I saw today - 2006 Information Technology Trends for CIOs They talk about competing on analytics - quoting Tom Davenport's interesting article on this subject...

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Still more on maintenance!

Shining a Light on Maintenance by Mary Pratt in Computerworld highlighted some of the problems in IT maintenance, in particular costs and management of budgets. There was a lot of good material in the article including this great quote: He...

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More on focusing on requirements

I have blogged a lot about the problem of requirements. I saw another article on this today, Unraveling the Mystery of Software Development Success. Now while I agree with much Joe Marasco has to say, I was a little disappointed...

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If you need a policy manual, do you need a rules engine too?

Interesting article on policy manuals by Tim Bryce on ITToolbox - Why we need policy manuals. I saw this thanks to Lucas Rodríguez Cervera who commented about it on his blog. The original post makes the point that implementation is...

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Business rules and Mortgage

Nice summary of the value of business rules in mortgage in Mortgage Technology by Scott Kersnar - Rules-Based Systems Call the Plays. Lots of good stuff in there about why to use business rules in Mortgage processes. Only thing I...

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Build or Buy or Both?

Saw this article To build or to buy IT applications? by Polly Traylor in InfoWorld. The article lays out some of the decision points for those trying to decide between building and buying application software. Reading this it seemed to...

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Complex decision-making and business rules

Lars Toomre posted a comment that made me think about complex decision-making. I would think that this solution would be great for any bread-and-butter insurance underwriting situation, but would break down with the some of larger, more complex deals for...

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Location Intelligence and EDM

Interesting article on location intelligence in DM Review today - Enhancing Predictive Analytics in the Enterprise Through Location Intelligence by Mark Zygmontowicz of MapInfo. Although Mark focuses on how location intelligence can improve what I might call Decision Support systems,...

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Are BPMS and BRMS complementary or not?

In his blog posting on BPM 2.0 Ismael Ghalimi gives a number of characteristics of a 2.0 BPMS. While there is much here with which I agree, he also said: Rule Engine Included Up until now, BPM solutions would fall...

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Property and Casualty Agent Portals

IBM has built an interesting solution prototype on this topic - http://www-03.ibm.com/industries/financialservices/doc/content/landingdtw/1479639103.html. Blaze Advisor is the rules engine behind this and any kind of automated underwriting like this is going to involve predictive risk models as well as interactive dialogs....

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How to use rules for insurance underwriting (and more)

BI Review has a great article on using business rules to automate insurance underwriting - Decision Management Evolution. There are some key points in this about how to go about this in terms of process and planning ideas, highly recommended...

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EDM and healthcare claims

This article on b-eye network caught my eye this morning - Using Healthcare Business Intelligence to Improve Revenue Management. In it Scott Wanless makes some great points about why the healthcare claims arena is a mess. Among the issues he...

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Offshore, backshore, business rules

Ephraim Schwartz has a great article in InfoWorld today - Bringing software development back in-house. In hit he quotes someone who was reversing a decision to outsource: Fields believes that software technology is a collaborative process among designers, architects, and...

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Analytics defined

Saw an interesting piece in InfoWorld today - 'Analytics' buzzword needs careful definition. In it Gartner Analyst Andreas bitterer defined the word "Analytics" "Analytics leverage data in a particular functional process (or application) to enable context-specific insight that is actionable"...

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Updated rules ROI FAQ

Got a comment on this post on the benefits of rules and so updated the post to include more specific ROI.

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CIOs will get pressure for EDM, not just BI

This InfoWorld article CIOs will see pressure for BI from executives struck me as interesting. I think that not only will the increase in data put pressure on them to deliver more BI, it will also: Force CIOs to develop...

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A statistican on every desktop or in every service?

Interesting article in DM Review A Statistician on Every Desktop: Deploying Predictive Analytics Throughout the Organization by David Smith of Insightful Corporation. David makes some great points about the need to make predictive analytics more available in the enterprise. David...

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Taming Application Development with Business Rules

Nice article on some of the challenges of software development by Brian Kilcourse in CIO Magazine - Taming the Wild Child of IT—Application Development. There are some great quotes in it. Software, and more specifically software development, is arguably the...

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