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BPM and Business Rules - a nice summary

Bruce Silver's blog has a nice summary of the distinction between rules in BPM and business rules as a technology -highly recommended.

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Making BI productive

Meridith Levenson wrote an interesting article on Business Intelligence: Not Just for Bosses Anymore in CIO Magazine. There are some great comments in here: The new system hasn't made the business better - at least not yet - only better...

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Making Decisions Automatic

Great article on Enterprise Decision Management in this month's issue of Software Magazine - Making Decisions Automatic.

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Business rules and temporary applications

Interesting post on ZDNet - The age of the temporary application is here. Made me think about EDM and business rules in the context of a temporary application. The article had some great comments: But there's also a huge sea...

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EDM and "the next big thing"

I like the EDS "Next Big Thing" blog and saw this post - Elevator speech about the next big thing Being able to proactively manage the complexity created by massive change through the application of new levels of automation. We...

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Cross-platform approaches are the future

Interesting little snippet on the SOA blog - Survey: Java EE, .NET neck and neck. Clearly lots of companies are going to end up deploying systems to Java and .NET over the next few years. Add in the long tail...

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EDM: A platform for strategic decisions

EDM is often thought of as the platform for the better decisioning of the millions of operational decisions typical within an enterprise. These are the relatively “little” decisions – such as providing a call center response to an individual customer...

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Another Guest Author - Dr Rahul Asthana

Please welcome a colleague with an analytic bent, Rahul Asthana, who will be helping Barb and I add some predictive analytic flavor to the blog.

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Answered some comments on the business rules FAQ

Got some interesting questions from James McGovern regarding some of the FAQs so updated them - Gartner MQ, why not open source, industry analyst coverage and standards. I updated them to answer his questions as best I could. Enjoy.

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Are there any standards under development for business rules?

The lack of standards currently in the business rules space makes interoperability hard. Although many of the technical deployment standards are supported as deployment options by rules vendors, the standards specific to rules are limited: JSR-94 - some information on...

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What do the analyst firms say about business rules?

There have been some posts around asking what coverage the leading analyst firms have of business rules. This has been picking up of late with Gartner, IDC and Forrester all doing some coverage. Here are some searches to help you...

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Starting with Legacy Rules

At least 50% of our BR projects involve excavating "rules" from existing legacy code. This does not mean simply chopping existing code into smaller pieces and forward engineering them into new technology. It usually means trying to salvage the true...

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Business Role changing?

One interesting trend that I have seen among BR projects is the more active involvement of business vs technical people. The newest aspect of this involvement is that business (vs IT) people want to get started in identifying those business...

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The next stage of business intelligence?

A friend send me this link - Business Intelligence software looks to future - and I thought there was one key point made in it: "Increasingly you are seeing applications being developed that will result in some sort of action,"...

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CIO Insight and EDM

Saw this interesting piece in CIO Insight - Top 30 Trends - and a number of them caught my eye. Trend 2: Necessity Is the Mother of Velocity talks about teal-time decisions and change and improved agility for business processes....

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If poor decisions are the problem, what's the answer?

Interesting article in this month's Intelligent Enterprise - Voice of Our Readers: The 2006 Strategic Management Survey. Some interesting insights on the BI market and other things but one comment leaped out at me A significant portion of the workers...

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The Harvard Business Review focuses on Decisions

In this month's (January 2006) Harvard Business Review there are a whole series of articles on decisions and decision-making. You can see the table of contents on the site. I will write something about a number of these articles over...

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Healthcare needs predictive analytics, and EDM, more and more

Saw this article - Predictive Analytics and the New World of Retail Healthcare - in Health Management Technology. A great summary of the value of predictive analytics to the changing healthcare insurance market. Interestingly this is also a market that...

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Welcome Barb von Halle as a guest author!

Please welcome Barb von Halle as my first guest author. Barb is a well known expert on business rules and will be adding her thoughts, questions and insights to the blog as she has time. With the rapid growth in...

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If you are building a tax system, use a business rules engine. Please!

Another interesting piece in Computerworld today - Buggy App Causes Tax Problems in Wisconsin. This sounds like the classic piece of government tax software - lots of problems. The system "was designed to automatically process sales and use taxes and...

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But what about the Celtics' website?

I saw this article in Computerworld today - Celtics Turn to Data Analytics Tool for Help Pricing Tickets. Now this real-time display of ticket sales trends stuff sounds great and I am sure it really helps experienced sales executives figure...

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Enhancing Legacy Systems with business rules

Interesting piece in Insurance and Technology this week - Enhancing your legacy. Lots of good discussion about the challenges and options with legacy and then this fascinating question: How can insurers guarantee that new systems are designed for the future?...

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Some great business rules predictions...

Rolando Hernandez makes a great set of predictions in his blog - http://blog.bizrules.info. This summary is as good as it gets. Enjoy and Happy New Year.

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If an automated compliance framework is the problem, business rules may be the solution

Interesting post by Mitch Irsfeld in the CMP compliance blog. He discusses the need for sustainable compliance: Sustainable compliance can mean the ability of a tool to easily integrate changing requirements and add new policies and controls processes, and add...

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How many rules is REALLY typical?

In his blog recently (well not that recently), Marco Ensing stated: In all my years of experience, I've never encountered a client with more than 500 rules in a single rule policy. The reason is not any scalability issues on...

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