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Podcasting on SOA and decisioning

I recently completed a podcast with Officer Outlook: http://www.officeroutlook.com/RADIO/Fair_Isaac.htm Enjoy!

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Predictive Analytics and Insurance

Interesting news on discussion of predictive analytics at the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) - PREDICTIVE MODELING RAISES OPPORTUNITIES AND ISSUES FOR ACTUARIES AND INSURERS, CAS ANNUAL MEETING IS TOLD. Typical quote: "The use of predictive modeling techniques is becoming increasingly...

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Business Rules and resisting the commoditization of process

Interesting note in this EDS blog on the commoditization of process. What is interesting to me is that all this discussion is around the flow, management and performance being standardized or commoditized. If you use these processes, and so do...

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Compliance, OMG and business rules

Attending an OMG event today I participated in some sessions on Compliance. OMG is getting more active in compliance, both with the OMG Regulatory Compliance Alliance and with a Domain SIG. Lots of interesting discussions about how to turn regulations...

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Insurance and business rules - put the business in charge

Interesting article on the use of business rules in Insurance - For the Business, By the Business. Insurance is a classic example of an industry that is regulated (so compliance is an issue) and where the rules that software must...

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Finding the right business rules technology

There's a great Jim Sinur article Taking Rule Technologies for a Test Drive in Business Integration Journal this month. This made me think of questions I get around business rules engine requirements and that led to this: How to build...

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How do I build a list of Business Rule Engine Selection Requirements?

One of the questions I get a lot is "how do I build a list of requirements" when selecting a business rules engine or business rules management system. These, it seems to me, fall into various categories: Rule Syntax -...

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Automating compliance with business rules

Interesting entry on SOX compliance in the "compliance pipeline" today - Prediction No. 2: Manpower Reductions. In it Mitch says: That can only mean one thing: Companies are substituting sustainable automated processes for manual approaches to compliance management. And the...

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Getting Applications Right with Business Rules

This InfoWorld survey - 2005 survey spots trends in software development - had a great section on "Getting applications right". One of the lead quotes is: This gap[between user requirements and developer specifications] was one of the two principal challenges...

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