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Business Rules as a solution to Healthcare problems

This article - IT Could Help Ailing Health Care Systems - led with the statement that "Health care systems across the developed world are struggling to coordinate care and keep patients informed about what their medications do. That's the conclusion...

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Making the Most of SOA

In this Information Week article SmartAdvice: Making The Most Of SOA a number of excellent points are made. A couple reinforce the value of business rules in the context of an SOA: Emphasize coarse-grained business services: Business services contain more...

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Business Services, SOA and business rules

Thomas Erl, well known SOA author, recently presented on Business-Centric SOA: Using Service-Orientation to Express Business Logic and Rules through Services through TechTarget's network. We sponsored this as we believe that there is a great synergy between the business-centric SOA...

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If all business application software is the same, can business rules make you unique?

I subscribe to Computerwire and in today's opinion piece "Computerwire Directions" the headline is "Is All Business Applications Software the Same?". The most pertinent paragraph seemed to me to be: "However, the conclusion does highlight the dilemma facing vendors. On...

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webMethods Fabric and Blaze Advisor

Today webMethods and Fair Isaac made what I think is a great announcement - webMethods will incorporate Blaze Advisor as the embedded rules engine for future editions of webMethods Fabric™. Now Fabric is webMethods' flagship solution for SOA/business integration so...

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Discussion on business users and business rules

I got a great set of questions from Doug Golden after his trip to the Business Rules Forum. Doug had questions about how well rules management systems really empower the business. You can see his comments here and I updated...

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Business rules standards are like buses

... you wait ages and none come and then two come right together! Saw today the news W3C Launches Rule Interchange Format Working Group. The other standard of course being the OMG's Production Rule Representation work. This is all good...

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Fix the requirements mess - use business rules

Don't try and fix the requirements process, empower business users to own the part of their system that IT does not understand and that changes all the time with business rules.

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Why are business rules better than traditional code?

There are a number of advantages gained by expressing business logic in business rules and using the processing and management facilities included with a business rules management system to work with them. In brief summary: The separation of decision logic...

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CRM, and rules, at the ATM

I saw this little snipper on the Credit Union Journal Daily today: Wincor Nixdorf will unveil a new customer relationship management solution that will interact with ATMs, at the annual BAI Retail Delivery Conference Tuesday. The company's ProClassic/ProSales CRM software...

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Biztalk, Windows Workflow Foundation and Business Rules

I get a lot of questions about how business rules management systems fit with Biztalk and the upcoming Windows Workflow Foundation. To clarify all this I consulted my friends at Microsoft who gave me some useful links - in particular...

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SOA, Business Intelligence and Business Rules

An interesting entry caught my eye on CBDI today - COMMENTARY - SOA FRAMEWORK FOR BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE. One key idea in this article is around business rules: We still remain firmly of the opinion that real time control is one...

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Do voice applications requiring decisioning?

I saw this interesting article on Computerworld - Can You Understand Me Now? It seems to me that the growth in voice recognition is only useful if you can decide what to do about it. Using voice recognition simply to...

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Using Business Rules to Improve the MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) process

In Repair Efficiency in Automotive and Aerospace, Joe Barkai of Manufacturing Insights talks about some of the problems of auto and aircraft repair: The technical complexity of automotive and aerospace equipment, especially in onboard electronic systems, has increased to the...

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Managing complex repairs and diagnostics

Although the manufacturing and repair business is not one often associated with business rules, nevertheless there are some interesting uses of business rules to be found. Two are outlined below. First Seagate Disk drive manufacturing may produce more than 50,000...

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The future of SOA - business rules?

This article - Stepping into the future of SOA - raised a couple of interesting points about the value of SOA in "aligning business and IT". Now while I agree that it might be a while before we reach what...

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Business Process Outsourcing and Business Rules

At Fair Isaac's recent InterACT Budapest I presented on "Preserving Agility: How Rules Management Improves Business Processes – internally and with BPOs" with a colleague from Microsoft - Sanjay Katyal from Emerging Ecosystems Development, Platform Strategy Group. he and I...

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Shared services across .NET and Java

Saw this news about more work going on to make it easy to interoperate across .NET and Java. Any progress on this front is always to be welcomed. It has to be said that we already have customers deploying shared...

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BASEL II Compliance

Basel II is a worldwide banking accord with the stated goal of improving global financial stability though adjustment of loan reserves to match risk. The final version of the Accord was published June 2004 and has an all-encompassing impact on...

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Long time, no post

Sorry for the lack of posting - been at Fair Isaac's big European show, InterACT Budapest. Anyway, back now and starting to post some of the great stories from the show. One of them was the results a major UK...

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UK Bank and operational credit risk

Back in 2002 a major UK online bank set out to implement a new credit management system. This was intended to: Improve the operational management of credit risk Reduce the effort expended in manual interventions Reduce disparate IT systems into...

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