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Sun using business rules to improve availability

Process automation for patch release management requires decisioning intelligence - what patches apply to a customer's specific software or hardware. Symptoms, issues, diagnostics and configuration management are required to put software and hardware together based on maintenance releases, compatibilities…etc. In addition the system needs to manage event conditions and actions, fail over and detections.

Sun Microsystems plans to power the upcoming enhancements to Sun Preventive Services with Fair Isaac’s rules management technology. Sun Preventive Services enables Sun customers to significantly improve system uptime and availability, and reduce incident volume and cost. As a capability within Sun Preventive Services, Fair Isaac Blaze Advisor will enable Sun to deliver enhanced risk analysis services to its customers. These services include hardware, software and patch-level assessment as well as the examination of a variety of other critical systems data in order to identify and remediate potential IT issues before they can affect downtime.

Committed to the success of their customers worldwide, Sun selected business rules as a key component in their state-of-the-art risk management services for our customers. Sun Preventive Services provides customers with risk analysis and mitigation solutions that can help them cut costs and improve availability of key IT systems.

Fair Isaac’s technology significantly enhances their ability to effectively diagnose problems, and identify and recommend resolutions in a timely and effective manner. Sun plans to continue leveraging Fair Isaac technology to power an expanding range of cutting-edge risk analysis service innovations in the future.

Sun’s use of Blaze Advisor within its diagnostic system illustrates the power of rules in a complex customer-facing application. Fair Isaac Blaze Advisor gives business users and analysts a powerful tool to update business strategies and ensure governance across critical enterprise information systems, using straightforward business terms. Business users are able to control business logic for their information systems and maintain application decision behavior without IT assistance, using intuitive Blaze Advisor rules maintenance applications. This increases business agility, allowing rules to be modified quickly and easily, and requiring IT to simply link and test the final applications.

Sun plans to migrate from application specific (Sun Risk Analysis System) use to more general web services based services and expand from problem/risk analysis rules to more general, true, business rules for policies, entitlements, constraints etc. Broader use within Customer Networked Services and within other Sun Microsystems organizations is also planned.

An interview with Paris Bingham of Sun discussing this selection is available from sys-con.

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