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The End of the IT Department - business rules to the rescue!

A colleague of mine shared a presentation given by Neil MacDonald of Gartner, Inc. titled "The End of the IT Department". Neil gave the presentation at the Financial Services Technology Summit in August of 2005. There's a lot of good...

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Predictive analytics can detect growing fraud in Healthcare Claims

I saw an interesting article in CIO Insight the other day: Health IT Must Target Fraud, Group Says. The report - from the Foundation of Research and Education (FORE) of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) - says that...

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Microsoft, analyzing data and EDM

An article on Microsoft's new Business Scorecard Manager in the Wall Street Journal was brought to my attention this morning. Titled "Microsoft Unveils Tool to Analyze Business Data" it discussed another extension to Microsoft's range of Business Intelligence tools. Happy...

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Can rules help with SOA before "Level 5"?

In this blog entry - From ESB to ESP: action-oriented SOA - Joe McKendrick - discusses the SOA Maturity Model being promoted by some SOA vendors. The first time this 5 level model mentions rules is in level 5 Level...

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Robust Web Apps with rules-driven conversations

This article in ComputerWorld - No Pause to Refresh: More Robust Web Apps - Heather Havenstein talks about the new world of richer web applications. She says: The new tools essentially eliminate the need to refresh a Web page every...

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Using business rules to renovate old applications

In this article - Tough Decisions for Old Apps by Stephen Swoyer - there's a great summary of the problems of integrating legacy applications into an SOA: Web enabling or exposing mainframe applications to new and different constituencies—including non-mainframe applications—is...

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Customer Segmentation to increase profits

Customer segmentation is often the first kind of analytics attempted by a company. It is not, however, only for "newbies" - even the most sophisticated companies can use better segmentation to drive better results. Take Barclaycard, one of Europe's largest...

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Built to change - With Business Rules!

In his blog, Annraí O'Toole discusses building for change. In particular he quotes Roy Schulte of Gartner Roy suggested that in the past, most applications were "built to last" -- their longevity and robustness was the most prized features about...

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Rethinking development with SOA and business rules

Saw an interesting blog entry today - Rethinking development - which talked about a report from the Burton Group. A couple of comments in particular caught my eye: Choose development tools and infrastructure products that support SOA design practices. Well...

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Is a Services Architecture Threatening?

An interesting CIO insight article caught my eye today - Services Software Architecture: Efficient, but Threatening? This article suggested some good questions to ask about SOA and raised a number of great points about the potential for an SOA to...

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Real-time or Right-Time

This article on real-time v right-time by Jim Ericson made me think about how this topic plays out in an EDM context. The key issue it seems to me is to establish which moves towards real-time offer real business value...

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Real-time, risk-based underwriting

When Unitrin's Kemper Auto and Home Group rolled out real-time, risk-based underwriting the benefits included improved financial performance, consistent decisions across channels and greater operational efficiency. Kemper found that automating this decision worked smoothly “behind the scenes” to enable consistent,...

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Autonomic Computing - are we there yet?

I saw this article on Autonomic Computing in Information Week - In HAL's footsteps - and it made me think of how business rules are being used to build diagnostic and often self-diagnostic systems. The article talked alot about the...

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Autonomic Telecommunications Networks

This "case study" is an amalgam of a number of Blaze Advisor business rules customers. Each of these is in production and together show the potential for business rules in particular to change the way telecommunications company's deliver services by...

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Seagate and disk drive diagnostics

Disk drive manufacturing may produce more than 50,000 drives per day at a single plant. Discs that fail their quality assurance check must have a determination of the fault and the proper repair strategy. Blaze Advisor is used to drive...

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Operational Business Intelligence means Enterprise Decision Management

Keith Gile wrote an interesting article on operational business intelligence - The Time is Right for Operational Business Intelligence in Business Integration Journal - it is not available online yet, sadly. In it he says that BI solutions have "less...

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Sun using business rules to improve availability

Process automation for patch release management requires decisioning intelligence - what patches apply to a customer's specific software or hardware. Symptoms, issues, diagnostics and configuration management are required to put software and hardware together based on maintenance releases, compatibilities…etc. In...

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Business rules benefits SOA - more proof

JBoss and Drools prove that SOA and business rules are a great combination.

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Outsourcing and business rules - perfect together

Business rules can help make any process more suitable for simple, transactional outsourcing.

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What is the difference between data mining and predictive analytics?

In a recent blog entry, Ted Kemp highlights an article on the basics of data mining. One question I get often is what is the difference between data mining and predictive analytics? Are they different or are they somewhere along...

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Using Decision Yield to measure IT superiority

This article by Paul Strassman - Measuring Your I.T. Superiority - was fascinating and made me thing about Decision Yield again. It seems to me that using a measure like Decision Yield to assess, in a multi-faceted way, how you...

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How do you write a set of requirements that don't encode any business rules?

One of my other posts - Writing Better Requirements - Key to Success or false hope? - prompted David Locke to ask me "How do you write a set of requirements that don't encode any business rules?" Well the key...

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Calculating the potential ROI of business rules

David Linthicum wrote a great article in ebizQ earlier this year - The ROI of Your SOA. In it he gives a mechanism for assessing the value of agility that also works for business rules.

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