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IT Priorities, leaders and EDM

This article in Computerworld - Are IT Priorities in the Wrong Place? struck me as I was reviewing my email newsletters today. Several aspects of leaders identified in the article struck me as particularly relevant for those of you wondering if EDM is right for you.

  • Leaders Are Frugal -- and Innovative
    EDM is both a platform for innovation and frugal. By allowing the automation of otherwise manual decisions and by leveraging data to improve those decisions it drives innovative customer service and company decision-making. By focusing on improving, not replacing, existing systems and by driving down the long-term cost of systems by empowering business users to do their own maintenance it is frugal.
  • They are focused like a laser on the business and IT.
    Top performers evenly divide attention between reducing costs and improving the business. This is the essence of the Decision Yield concept for measuring return on decision automation and it is the basis for a business rules approach - keep IT and the business aligned.
  • They see agility as more important than being frugal.
    Leaders have throttled up their spending to help the company capture growth opportunities as early as possible. Given the focus on business agility in EDM this is a gimme.

So leaders have all the characteristics of people who should adopting and are, indeed, adopting EDM.

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