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Nice summary of ADT articles on business rules

Nice summary of ADT business rules articles.

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Business Rules - will programmers resist?

Recent articles outline the potential resistance of programmers to a business rules approach but they will come around, trust me.

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Enterprise Decision Management Bridges Proprietary and Packaged Applications

Enterprise Decision Management is an approach that let's you bridge a mix of applications and add value by automating decisions across and within them.

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Decision Management Applications

A decision management application (DMA) isolates the logic behind business decisions from the mechanical operations of application procedural code.

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Underwriting Updated

Insurance and Technology interviewed a number of Insurance industry experts as to where they saw the underwriting business moving in the future.

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Compliance and Integration - Is Business Agility an Oxymoron? - ebizQ

Companies must increase company-wide agility while facing increasing compliance. This article examines the dichotomy of being flexible while working within regulatory compliance.

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Business Rules and Business Process

An interesting article on Business Process Trends discussing how various business rules approaches map to business process approaches.

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Introducing this weblog

This weblog is designed to give those interested in the emerging discipline of Enterprise Decision Management a place to find out what's new, find useful articles and other links, buy relevant books and so on.

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